Dual mod problem with PS3 Cthulhu and 4716


I’m using the most recent version of the Madcatz 4716 pad, which requires the NPN transistors to wire up the triggers for use as buttons. I have it wired directly to my PS3 Cthulhu, which then connects to the buttons.

Obviously before messing with the triggers on the 4716, they registered as always on. Now that they’ve been modded, the triggers work as buttons, and instead the Cthulhu’s triggers register as always on.

What can I do to fix this?


Shouldn’t be that way… I just finished dual moding my mad catz and cthulhu.

When you wire the inverter, you’ll connect it to the 360 trigger pads just as described in the padhacking thread. What I did, was I then ran my wires from my 360 to the cthulhu, A-H and 1-9 slots. Then the cthulhu to the buttons.

Both the cthulhu and the 360 register as no action upon pressing. Then if you use Windows to test your stick you can test the mad catz and cthulhu in he game controller area.

The mad catz registers the Z axis when you press the left or right triggers, then for the cthulhu they are buttons, I don’t remember which though.

The mad catz registers the Z axis in the center as neutral, then when one of the triggers is pressed it is low, then high for the other trigger.

Hope that helps, but I would say if he cthulhu is registering as pressed but your mad catz works, something is crossed on your wiring.


NPN Transistors will not work on a dual mod, I’ve done what you did and got the same results. You must use a inverter chip.


The Control Panel might not recognize that there is an issue, but SF4 and Xpadder definitely do. The triggers won’t work properly in SF4 for PC without an inverter.

Looks like FunkyP has the definite solution.


add a diode to each transistor setup like this http://i108.photobucket.com/albums/n5/akuma001/PICT0913.jpg

basically what is happening is your transistor setup is also flipping the signal to the corresponding inputs on the cthulhu and you have no protection. the diode makes it so that signal only moves one way through the 360 and not out to the cthulhu.

i just use these http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2036268

make sure the stripe side is up away from your transistor setup.


That is excellent, all the info in the pad hacking threads never mentioned using a diode(at least when i was doing that mod). Thanks for shedding this new bit of information. Diodes are much easier and cheaper to get than an inverter chip.


Normally, I don’t necro threads, but I want to thank akuma001 for his post. I’ve also got a 4716+MC Cthulhu dual mod in my stick, and I was wondering why the NPN trigger assembly on the 360 pad was screwing with the 3K function on the Cthulhu. The diode solution saved me the trouble of having to re-do the NPN assembly or padhacking my SF4 FightPad to replace the 4716. Now I can use my stick on my non-360 systems again.

Thanks again, akuma.