Dual mod PS3 TE without 360 controller PCB?

Could someone please tell me if there’s any PCB out there that will allow me to dual mod my PS3 TE without using a separate 360 controller PCB and solder every button of it?

I.e just a single PCB that’s reliable (won’t cause input lag) and it will alone be enough to dual mod my PS3 TE to run on 360 as well?

Any help would be really appreciated.

Is it really Dual Modding if the new PCB is both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360?
And you make the original PlayStation 3 PCB not in use anymore?

There is the Paewang from eTokki you can buy.
There is the PS360+ that will be available to buy in next month I think?

Sorry I didn’t even know a single PCB will eliminate the PS3 one, I’m totally new to modding and just was looking for something simple to play my TE on both consoles, adding additional 360 controller PCB and all the wires looked way too complicated for a first time mod.

I’ll look up the Paewang, I read about the PS360+ before but it seems to keep getting delayed, is getting the predecessor PS360 PCB used worth it?

Thanks for replying.