Dual mod PS3 TE


Hello, I have a PS3 TE Round 1, im looking to dual mod it to work on a 360 as well. I was thinking of buying a paewang PCB. Does anyone know where I could find a tutorial/guide on how to install the PCB into a madcatz TE stick?


if you have a working ps3 TE there is absolutely no reason to buy a paewang to dual mod it… Get a brawlpad 360 controller…pad hack it…and an imp v2… There are tutorials in the stickies to help you.


i don’t want to deal with soddering. is there any sodder free solution?


no there is absolutely no solder free solution
even with the paewang

you still need to use the iron to access the home button
just pay a modder to do it if you’re not comfortable with the iron since you’d have to padhack and cut traces on the main ps3 pcb


how much would a modder cost?


depends per modder, go check out prices from them at the local modder thread


ok, so with soldering or no soldering, what is the easiest solution to dual modding a ps3 TE?


Just what I told you in my first post…


i dont know what an imp v2 is… nor do i know how to pad hack.


easiest solution is padhack

madcatz sf/brawl pads go from 30-45 each

add your wiring, your switch of either DPDT or an impv2 (from either 2-10 bucks)

add yourself a cheapo iron and lead based, flux in the middle solder gets you about another 15-20
if you’re using a DPDT, there’s the drilling/dremeling with the bits

so for an imp style switch the least you can spend on an estimate is 55 if you do it yoruself. As intimidating as this mod is, it isn’t as hard as it seems

if you don’t know how to padhack, just hire someone


i can’t afford to hire anyone. I have a soldering iron, flux, solder, and all the tools (left over from my wii hacking days). Im just looking for a guide to walk me through this.


look it up in the stickies… tons of tutorials


paewang would be easy. but the brawlpad would be the cheapest route.


I still dont see the logic in putting a paewang into a case that already has a working PS3 pcb… such a waste… $75 including shipping is nuts… if it was a custom case then yea paewang is good to go but its a ps3 TE that works… crazy…


Only reason I see keeping the PS3 PCB is for guide guide functions, but your better off with a Mad Catz SF or Brawl Fight pad.

But I agree no reason keeping a good PS3 PCB with a dual-mode PCB like that


brawl pads at gamestop cost 20!
that’s pretty cheap to me!


oh canadian exchange and inflation


A friend asked me to dual mod his PS3 SE stick as well. Saw WWE Brawlpad at gamestop for $19.99 so that’s the route i’m going to go with this job. $35 + taxes for all parts if you already have tools. Google up phreakmods blog. He has posted some picture of his PS3-360 dual mod using Imp V2.


Sometimes I hate not living in the US.


I know your pain, G.

And there is a sticky for how to dual-mod - all the info you need is there, with reference pictures from Phreakmods’ site.