Dual mod PS3 TE

A friend asked me to dual mod his PS3 SE stick as well. Saw WWE Brawlpad at gamestop for $19.99 so that’s the route i’m going to go with this job. $35 + taxes for all parts if you already have tools. Google up phreakmods blog. He has posted some picture of his PS3-360 dual mod using Imp V2.

Sometimes I hate not living in the US.

I know your pain, G.

And there is a sticky for how to dual-mod - all the info you need is there, with reference pictures from Phreakmods’ site.

On the website he has pictures of completed job so it could be a good referrence to know what it’ll look like.

i can’t find the sticky. The dual modding 101 sticky does not help me at all… can anyone post a link to a guide for this?

Okay where are you lost at? I can see if I can bridge the gaps for you.

Keep in mind some links I Offer you only need partial info, so it might seem backwards to you
All the guides here assume your modding a Xbox 360 stick to include PS3, your modding a PS3 stick to add Xbox 360 playability.

For Game pad PCB diagrams try Slag Coin

You will want a common ground Xbox 360 PCB, Mad Catz Fight Pad (SF or brawl) or a Mad Catz 4716 (late model) game pad.
The 4716 will need trigger inversion unless you going 6 buttons and then you can skip the triggers.

This is a guide to dual mod a Xbox 360 SE, but the PCB layout will be the same as a PS3 TE board.

For all Dual-mods the basics are the same, wire your buttons and stick, with there wires going to BOTH boards.
Since you have a PS3 PCB in your TE, you can solder to points on the PCB. It be similar to a Xbox 360 PCB. The Joystick directions, star guide, ground, are all the same and the buttons will line up as you would, X = A. B = Circle, Square = X, Triangle = Y, L1 = LB, L2 =LT, R1 = RB, R2 = RT, back = select.

With Rtdzing’s guide, you are working with a Xbox 360 game pad PCB, so focus on that, instead of a Cthulhu you have a PS3 TE board.

You still need to connect ground to ground and VCC (+5 volts) to VCC on both boards)

Got any thing else that needs to be cleared up I try to clear it up for you.

I don’t need the cthulu right? Just a madcatz 360 fightpad and an imp v2.1?

So Im confused how to wire everything up. All my buttons are hooked up to my TE’s ps3 PCB board. do I need to disconnect those or what? I am extremely confused about how to solder everything up. Do I wire the buttons to the imp board? It doesn’t look like there are enough points for all the buttons and directions…

The dual modding 101 thread tells you everything you need to do this mod. I know, because I’ve done this mod using those instructions, accompanied by Phreakmods’ site for picture reference.

I know there’s a lot to read, but there’s no shortcuts to doing this right yourself.

If you don’t want to read up, save up and support your local mod.

You can just wire the fightpad on the button quick disconnect. I recommend using small gauge wires (24-26) for that. You basically disconnect the quick disconnect on the button leg, slip the wire through the hole on the leg, then put the quick disconnect back on it.

ok so basically I will have the quick disconnect going to the TE PCB, and the small wire I added going to the 360 PCB? What about the ground? Same thing or no?

Just connect The Xbox 360 ground to the PS3’s ground. You have almost 20 points for a ground on your Xbox 360 PCB, one at each button, each direction on the d-pad, and 2 on the Xbox 360’s USB connection.

And you do not need the Imp 2.0, the original imp will work for this project. Imp 2.0 is for those who want a RJ45 connector done up easier with the MC Cthulhu.

If your still lost, or will not read though everything contact your nearest Modder.

You will have to solder one end of the wires to the 360 PCB contacts then the other end strip it a little longer then take off one of the quick disconnect on the Push button itself then you should see a little metal leg sticking out of it. It will have a hole on it so just splip the wire through the hole then just put the quick disconect back onto the leg. voila you got a connection. Check this link for the idea

In that tutorial he put it into the screw terminal. I don’t know if the PS3 TE has a screw terminal like that or not but if it doesn’t you can just put it straight to the push button since it’ll be the same thing.

The 360 Madcatz Fightpad/brawl pad are common ground so you won’t need to connect any other ground for the buttons since you will be connect a ground from the PCB to the Imp board. I’ll draw you a schematic when I get home. can’t use paint at work.

And easy point to tap on the PS3 TE for ground, is right under the button distribution strip.
On the underside, 1 whole side of pins are the various button signals, the other is a ground. You can see which one is ground bu looking at the traces on the board.
Solder to any of the ground pins. It isn’t direct but it works.

Also if you uncomfortable attacking 2nd wires to each button’s quick disconnects, you can use the same button distribution board.

STOP… guys… I’m fucking getting confused with all this haha… and i do this drunk off my ass… here…
easy method…with “hold your hand links” for the confused…
what you need
brawlpad 360 for the pcb
imp V2 (way easier and has an auto save feature so you dont have to constantly switch when using one console) V1 is cool… get the V2… its better…
here is the how to connect imp with both pcb’s http://godlikecontrols.com/imp2.pdf here is where you go if you need visuals… Switch-less USB selector for PS3+360 “Imp”: Re-Design Underway, Input appreciated
here is the padhack info for the brawlpad http://shoryuken.com/forum/index.php?posts/5594399/

you do not have to connect the 360 pcb to the pushbuttons… its a messy system and you will get frustrated… there is a terminal strip that ALL the pushbuttons are connected to in the TE… look at it… there are symbols on top to tell you what symbol that disconnect is connected to… you can solder UNDERNEATH this strip for your signals to the 360…it looks like this
you DO NOT have to attach a ground for every pushbutton… you only need ONE ground from the 360 pcb to connect to the imp that will of course be connected to the ps3 pcb… this ground that I am talking about is the USB GROUND from the 360 pcb… so just wire up the signal points of the 360 to the terminal strip… you will ground the whole pcb with the ground line from the usb in the 360 going to the imp… the joystick directionals on the 360 will be soldered to the PS3 directional points you can see located right below the turbo panel on the top left of the TE…
your dualmod will look something like this with all the components…

jesus… you all will drive me to drink more haha…

so I solder my wires on TOP of the terminal soldder points right? And for my joystick directionals i soldder on top of the the 5 soldder points on the turbo panel?

sure but its nasty… make sure you solder on the signal lines… not the ground… but yes you can

ok so do you suggest I soldder elsewhere?


looking at this picture there doesnt seem to be any other place to solder to other than ontop of the point (where the dots are)

For the sake of argument and complications, just solder where the red dots are.


that picture is actually the bottom of the terminal strip… unscrew the strip from the TE flip it upside down… those soldering points are what I would use… when you say “top” I think of you just soldering to where the wire disconnects connect to the terminal strip… my bad
so to answer your question… the red dots… solder there…