Dual mod PS3 TE?

I have been looking all over the forums but it seems there are differences I don’t understand. I tried to play sfxt and SSFIV AE through bootcmp on my Mac. The game runs fine no problems besides my fightstick. Windows directs it but does not respond to button presses. I read I need to buy a PCI card but I can’t install that on my iMac from what I know unless it’s possible?

But I figured it would benefit me more to dual mod my TE.
It is a PS3 controller and looking for a dual mod so it works with Xbox. I seen different tutorials but I don’t know which one would fit for my model. Any help to get me in the right direction?

I think the best way to do it at this point would be to wait for the PS360+ PCBs to go on sale.

I think a chImp SMD would work.

Adding a PS3 pcb won’t make it work on 360.

You need a common ground 360 fight pad.
EVERYTHING NEEDED is in the stickies or go into google and search using site:shoryuken.com "Search goes here"
before you make a new topic almost everything has been covered and explained at least twice.

I did search, but I am also asking about my Mac which I have not seen on any forums. I don’t know if the fact I’m using a Mac makes my TE unusable since I cant add a PCI card.

Thankyou! All I found was forums saying windows 64 bit. This didn’t show up. I really don’t know how to use the forums. Thank you again.