Dual mod question

I could not find a general dual modding thread soo…

I wanted to start my first dual mod project on my Hori VX-SA for the upcoming Street Fighter V beta.
I plan on using a FC4 with the original VX-SA pcb
Is a Toodles IMP v2 needed for dual mods? I saw people recommending it or is the DPDT switch good enough?

I was going to mod it based on these articles I found. Is there anything else extra I need to know or is it pretty straight forward?


You can use either, or none at all by just having 2 USB cables coming out of your stick. But the IMPv2 is currently the most elegant solution as it means you don’t need to drill holes to install a physical switch.

That’s essentially how it’s done. There are a few short cuts like using the alternative solder points on the FC4 which don’t require scraping, but the soldering requires a little more skill (as well as thinner wire).

This project doesn’t seem very difficult, but if you don’t have any experience soldering pcbs together it might be a good idea to find a modder in you area that can do this for you. What makes a dual mod expensive is the cost of the pcbs. Considering you already have the FC4 and Imp V2 in hand, it shouldn’t cost you as much to get this done. It’s going to cost you more to repurchase everything if you make a mistake doing it yourself and the stick doesn’t work anymore.


EDIT Just so people won’t get confused in the future the picture is incorrect and the middle 2 and 5 should be your D- and D+ or the green white cables from the USB.

So I’m almost done connecting everything, but I’m confused about what this person means D+ Cable usb in the middle? Any clue?

That’s a typo, he should have 3 D+ on top and 3 D- on bottom (or vice versa).

Could the VCC and Ground from USB be piggy backed between the PCBs so I wont have to splice it?

Yep, as long as they’re connected somewhere you’re good.

Thanks for the help guys! I finished right in time for the beta.

should delete/redo your picture as to not confuse the noobs

Thanks, I edited it.