Dual Mod Service (ps3 to xbox360)

Hey eveyrone,

Sorry if someone posted this already, but im pretty new to the SRK scene. I was wondering if anyone does dual mod service for madcatz TE sticks around the Chicagoland area and how much it would cost? I couldn’t find anyone through search engines and i’m not sure where to look on SRK if theres an area for services. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks


Dunno about Chicago but if you are willing to send it then Gummowned here on SRK forums can help you.



i can also do this. let me know if you need further info. I’m in california by the way

All else fails, post this in your city’s thread in the reigonal boards. There might be somebody nearby that can help you out.

How much do people charge for this? I want to do it, but I’m nervous about doing it.

$60 gets you this kind of work from me.

But so far, I am only doing for Southern California.

What happened with the one you told me about, that was just a snap-on? Is that still happening?

That was me mentioning the TEasy from Phreakazoid187.

You need an Xbox 360 TE, then clip the TEasy on it.
Then a ribbon cable using IDC will go to a Cthulhu or Dual Strike.

Phreakazoid187 is low on quantity now.

Damn jdm! That’s some clean ass work!
You should post up more pics of your previous endeavors.

What part of Southern California are you located in jdm714? My PS3 broke and I would like to get my TE dual modded to work with my 360

I live in Orange County.
City of Westminster.

JDM’s work is beautiful. Brings a tear to my eye.

Some of my copy cat work. What yours could look like.

PS3->Xbox 360

Weak, I don’t have a 360 TE.

Holy shit JDM, you and EJM both do that ribbon effect and it looks super purdy. I’m FAR too lazy for that, but I’m definitely OCD enough to hide wires as much as possible, or at least make them look pleasing to the eye, but not to that extent.

Good shit :tup:

Thank you Phreakazoid187.

I guess the lazy for wires makes the TEasy.
So that’s cool too!

Hey JMD714 I was wondering if you modded the PS3 to 360 for the Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 and is the $60 fee just for the service or are all the materials/shipping included?

Service, no parts.

I always either pick up the Customer’s Arcade Stick, or they bring it to me.
Which is why I said I have only done in Southern California.
So I never did any shipping.

Yes, I have done PlayStation 3 HRAP before.

Hi, I saw that you do dual modding services. I’ve got a brand new Hori RAP v3 SA for ps3. I want to be able to use it on my xbox360 as well. Is this possible? I live in Long Beach, which isn’t too far from you. How much would it be in total? And which PCB would you be using?

Thanks in advance.