Dual-mod stick problem


i have a dual mod stick for the 360 and ps3, using a madcatz pad and a cthlhu. Everything works fine when i plug the stick into the 360 but when i plug it into the ps3, i get a message saying “An unknown device has been connected” and nothing works, but It has worked before. Can anyone help?


That message can show up if you plug a 360 pad/stick into a PS3, if that helps direct your problem solving.


One of your D+ or D- is probably shorted (connected to ground).


how do i fix that? (i didnt build this myself)


are you using a DPDT switch or imp? If you have no DPDT switch that means they used an imp (well if they did it right), did you try holding down Home as you plug it in?


i have a imp board, and i have held down the home button, it has mixed results, but lately it hasnt been working