Dual Mod stick turns my 360 back on when turned off


I have a Xbox 360 TE that was dual modded. When I leave it plugged in after I turn my 360 off, my system will reboot. Is this normal? Is there anything I can do?


Did you dual mod it yourself?<br>When you say ‘reboot’ do just mean it turns on as if you’d hit the Xbox button on the controller?<br>


J&J modded my stick. And yeah, that’s what I mean by reboot.


Did you tried to contact J&J?


that actually happens in quite a few dual modded sticks when using an imp for some reason. If it is something that bothers you then either unplug after use or request they dual mod with a DPDT switch instead.
It is not a big problem the only thing that may be of worry is if you leave your house for a long period of time and your stick turns your xbox on and you get RROD or something.