Dual Mod TvC stick with 360 T6 PCB

I’ve successfully dual moded a Mad Catz TvC stick with a Xbox 360 Tekken 6 wireless pcb.

By plugging in the Wii remote’s expansion port you can use the stick for either the Wii or the 360. Or both at the same time due to the way it was wired up.

Before I spend the time putting together pictures and a tutorial is there any interest in this setup?

As a side note the Wii remote needs to be modified in order to supply power to the T6 pcb.

I’m interested to see what you’ve done.

I’d like photos too.

Here’s the mod.

I did this mod because I upgrade the TvC stick with Sanwa and wanted to use it for the 360. The Hori T6 stick is OK but when you have Sanwa way even bother. I opened my T6 stick and cut out the PCB. No solder iron required I just cut the wires.

Now to the Wii remote because this step is important if this setup is going to work.
In order to power the Hori Tekken 6 Xbox 360 PCB with the Wii remote I had to modify the Wii remote by soldering two wires.

After some initial tests I found out that the Wii remote expansion port will only supply power when the remote is on (connected to Wii console) or when a button is pressed and the LED lights are flashing. Once the LED lights stop flashing power is cut off.

Open the Wii remote. There are plenty of sites out there that show this.

On the front side of the remote’s PCB (buttons facing up) there is a + and ? labeled on the right side. These two points will be used to solder. The other points are the expansion port that are labeled 1 through 6.

You need to wire the following points together.

  • with pin 1
    ? with pin 6

Pin 1 this the expansion ports power and pin 6 is the ground.

When completed it looks like this.

After the wires are soldered the Wii remote can supply power through the expansion port even when it’s off.

I noticed when putting the remote back together it does not close all the way. There about a 1 mm gap due to the added wires. Not a big deal to me since I keep the silicon sleeve over the remote.

Now to the internals of the stick. This part of the mod was completely solderless.

I added two terminal strips and one small push button that I got at Radio Shack.

Here’s a drawing of how everything was put together. The drawing is not 100% accurate but it gives a general idea. The actual stick is very messy and it’s hard to see exactly how everything is wired.

I kept the Button Terminal PCB for the buttons and slice the ribbon that goes to the main PCB. Keeping the terminal PCB added more clutter but this made it easier and helped me save time.

I decided to run the 360 Guide button out of the case and taped it together with the expansion port connection because I was too lazy to solder or drill a hole in the case. This does not bother me but there are better alternatives if someone else decided to do this mod.

Sorry for no pictures of the stick right now but I’ll post pictures as soon I can.

Wait a sec… wasn’t the 360 T6 stick a non-common ground board?

Doesn’t this pose any problems at all in terms of inputs?

360 T6 is common ground to my knowledge.

I have not encountered any issues with the inputs.

I know the EX2 and other pcbs from Hori for the 360 are not common ground.

hmm looks like you’re right, my bad
Too used to thinking about my old EX2

Here are the pictures.

This one is the stick with Sanwa parts. The black cable is for the connection for the Wii remote expansion port. The cable has been modified with a RJ-45 jack and a coupler to connect the cord.

Here’s a close up of the cord. I used a cat 5 cable I had laying around and the push button is for the 360 guide. I just ran the guide cable and button and taped it. I didn’t feel like soldering and drilling a hold in the case.

The last one is the inside of the stick. It’s very messy and I use a lot of electrical tape. I used some old computer ribbon cable to extend the length of wires for the T6 PCB.

Overall I’m happy that I have a “Wireless” stick for the Wii and 360 with Sanwa parts.

Interesting. I plan to do this with a Madcatz PCB instead, but is soldering difficult at all? Easy to mess up?

I doubt I’ll be bothering with Sanwa parts though, I’ve heard the stock buttons are basically Sanwa without the brand name.

The stock parts are not as good quality as Sanwa, but much improved over the parts found in SE sticks.

I want to dual mod my TvC stick for wireless ps3. I’m planning on using Gummowned’s Project Leo. Do you think wiring it like this would be best or should I wire the buttons and stick to the Project Leo pcb and wire the TvC pcb to the Project Leo like it was a Pii Wee?