Dual Mod White Qanba Q4RAF with lots of extras/goodies


Sup SRK,

Up for sale is my damn near brand new White Qanba Q4RAF dual mod stick with box and all original accessories. Also I’m throwing in extras/goodies as well…

This stick is one of the rare ones WITHOUT the handle on top.
Everything works perfectly

The stick is the white version with the STOCK white/red design plexi with 8 buttons and start button
All sanwa parts except the start button. Sanwa JLF stick, buttons are size 30 sanwa.

Extras Included:

A tek-innovations CLEAR (as seen in pic) “only last 6 buttons cutout” and no “start” button cutout
(the plexi is actually on the stick without ART so you see the button holes, but there are NO holes on plexi. Meaning if you put ART underneath, it’ll cover the holes)

Also the stock red/white plexi with 8 buttons and start button is included.

There are 6 white sanwa buttons on the stick. There will be 2 brand new red sanwa 30 buttons and a white sanwa 24 button included.

Also you will get a white bat top stick and a red ball top included.

Also you will get a choice or circle gate, octagon gate, or square gate.

Also you will get your choice of spring tension. Stock or Seimistu LS

Also I will throw in KOWAL’s custom short throw wider/fatter actuator for the joystick

Also the unused xbox 360 wired headset is included

$125. Local pickup at Long Beach, Lakewood, Cerritos. Can meet at Regency Arcade.

Again the PICTURE ABOVE is with the clear “last 6 button plexi” it looks like there are button holes, but they are not. It’s just clear flat plexi without Artwork underneath showing the existing button holes (no start button either)…

You can put the stock plexi or get another plexi and use whatever layout you’d like.

PM me or hit me up at (562) 243-589 (four)


Edit: Price bump!!! Someone take this off my hands. I have too many damn sticks.

($140 is new price. Cheaper than retail and comes with extra goodies)




Heads up!!! Still available as last buyer flaked.

$125 or best offer!!! First come first serve!!! Come get it!!!


I’m interested, pm sent


Stick sold to SRK’er: yeaynot

Will ship out tomorrow and PM you tracking number. Thanks