Dual mod Wii Classic Controller with 360 controller?

Slagcoin doesn’t have a diagram for the wii CC and since search is down I can’t find anything about it on here. Is it possible to dual mod them? The 360 pad would be the cheap mad catz arcade stick thing like on slagcoin.

My understanding is that all I have to do it connect the 5.5v and common grounds from both PCBs and then wire the signals up for each then never plug them in at the same time. I hear the CC is hard to hack though. Isn’t it all just digital switches? Any one have a diagram for it?

http://forums.shoryuken.com/showpost.php?p=5938735&postcount=1959 ?

Thanks. I actually pulled my multi meter out and mapped the points myself. What does the click and wiper mean on the triggers? If I just use the click can I avoid putting in resistors?

actually, Toodles said it depends on the game, some of them only need the digital click to be “pressed” to register the L or R btns other use the analog wipers, others both :\