Dual mod wireless with dualshock?

hey guys, i’m building a custom stick and was curious if anyone else has build a dual 360/ps3 wireless setup and kept the dualshock form both. I’m thinking about using a masterstrike with leo v2 and I will run a custom battery so there shouldnt be a power issue.

If you’re using a DualShock3, it must be an early version that uses the ribbon connector. There have been lots of dual mods with Leo, that is what it was made for!

You should check here for most of your issues: http://shoryuken.com/f177/project-leo-sixaxis-wireless-360-dual-mod-194525/

thanks, i wasnt 100% sure because most of the mods I saw were missing the motors

Yes, most people use SIXAXIS. It is guaranteed to have the ribbon connector fit, and guaranteed not to rumble. Heh.

well, after sufficiently destroying my DS3 controller, i’m hoping this is what you mean by the ribbon cable, it was used to connect the shoulder buttons right?


Yes, that is good. The ribbon cable is not on the board, per se. What we are looking for is a PCB that is compatible with a ribbon cable. Very different. But, it is good. See that long, black strip that has pins jutting out in the upper left of the PCB in your picture? That is where the ribbon cable goes.

lol, yea i know what a ribbon cable is, was just making sure that was THE ribbon cable you referred to, so thanks again, you’ve been helpful. now to destroy my 360 controller…wait… i should get a case to build this thing in, LOL

Okay. Just making sure you know what to look for properly.