Dual mod with non common pcb

hi i have a question cane i dualmod with non common pcb

but with two switches one for de data + and data -
and a switch for 5 v and the ground?


knobody knows???

knobody knows???

Yes it is technically possible, but most likely beyond your capabilities.

Also, why would you need switches for each of the usb lines?

to have just one usb line

You would just need one DPDT switch to control the d- and d+. The 5v from both are wired together and the same with the ground.

As far as using a non-common ground controller, you would have to do a common ground mod which is a advance mod and generally not worth the time and effort.


i mean something like this

so i have to switch two switches to make the other pcb work

That is one of the most baffling images I’ve seen on SRK to date.

Well done!




hammy hamster!

You don’t need 2 switches, just the one for the usb data lines. The 5v and gnd aren’t wired to a switch, they are wired together (5v with 5v, and gnd with gnd).

However, this doesn’t really help you at all because you’d still need two common ground controllers or do some sort of common ground mod on the controller.