Dual Mod

ahh no o-o i didnt lol let me try that~ and ok i got some news i plugged it in my 360 and ps3, the guide button keeps flashing so i seem to have fixed something and uh the Vcc from the imp goes into the cthulhu ground right?

Flash the Firmware for Multi-Console Cthulhu.

Also, the Guide LED flashing is not good thing.
Fix your VCC.

How do i flash it? and ok i plugged the VCC into ground but still having the issue -x-

Flash it!

And fix the VCC.

LOL!! what do you mean by flash it!!

grab a flash light and shine on the pcb

lol just playing but hes telling you to update the firmware by plugging up to the stick to a computer. you should really do your homework most info is available on the front page of tech talk. but heres a link where you can get the firmware this is where you can find out everything u need to know just read.


The amount of helpness from me goes down as the number of Posts from Thread Maker increase.

Lol what i have been saying is everytime i plug in the pcb my comp wont detect it, nor does the bootloader it fails to install the drivers every time, Dx i have been researching this whole time lol still cant find a fix

right right just check it there i just read the last post ha but good luck with ur mod

Microsoft .NET Framework?

OK well i unsoldered everything to try and get the chthulhu working by its self it does and its detected but when i wire select and start into the screw terminals the bootloader still wont pick it up. Is there another way to update?

I had a similar problem on a job earlier this week. I thought I wired everything up correctly (a madcatz TE dual modded with a ChImpSMD), but when I plugged the stick into my PS3, I would get a flashing guide button and no response to button presses. My PC also couldn’t detect the device. Then I realized I had the usb and madcatz wires (vcc, d+, d-, ground) in the reversed spot (on ChImp, usb should be connect to the right hand side, 360 pcb should be on the left hand side).

I realized I had made a mistake (it had been a while, okay? lol) and once I corrected it, everything worked like a charm.

Is it possible you’re doing the same thing? Sorry if I’m way off base.

Yeah im basically having the same exact problem lol im going to try rewiring the pcb to the cthulhu completely same with the imp and follow the diagram to the T and see what happens it could also be because of my shitty wiring job the first time lol

Dude, seriously?

Are you even following the official instructions for the IMPv2? http://www.godlikecontrols.com/imp2.pdf

VCC must never go to a GND point. Sweet Jesus…I don’t even…

Did you order a Multi Console Cthulhu or a PS3 Cthulhu? Only MCC has updatable firmware.

If you do have a MCC then the bootloader will not come up by itself when holding ‘start’ & ‘select’. You need to hold those two buttons down when plugging into a PC, then release them after a couple of seconds. You must download the latest MCC firmware then open the bootloader program from there. Follow the instructions included in the file.

Lol yeah i was following the instructions then i kinda panicked after everything didn’t work even so lol -x- and yeah i did all of that held em down when plugging it in and it doesn’t even get recognized but when i dont hold them and plug it in it does… so im kinda like wtf lol its MCC btw. And trust me ive read that pdf, the cthulhu one and tons of threads still having some issues lol

MCC is Multi Console Cthulhu.

I’ll ask you again as you did not answer me - what did you order?

If MCC then when you hold down those buttons it is not meant to be recognised in the Windows applet, but the bootloader should still detect it. Tell me exactly what process you are going through to update the firmware. Every step you are taking.

I ordered Multi console, Impv2, And an rj45 i scrapped. I wire back and start to the screw terminals corresponding to them, connect two pushbuttons via QDC’s that are already installed, plug them in, and hold them down while plugging the MCC up to my lappy. Im running windows 7 not sure if it has anythign to do with it. Sometimes it says device failed to be installed and some times it wont even pick it up I do the Start>Run>Control Joy.cpl to check if its up. Then just to be sure i open bootloader via double click it says, Device not detected. Verify device is in bootloader mode. so yeah not sure how to get it updated

Why did you scrap the RJ45 and what jack did you order?

Have you de-soldered all the connections you have made to the MCC to put it back in it’s original condition when you ordered it? If not then do so now.

Are you connecting the ‘start’ & select’ to a GND point on the MCC?

Are you using the USB jack already on the MCC to connect it to your computer via a USB printer cable?

Well i have it still i just mean i took it out because I couldnt get the wires into the 8p8c connector part its a bitch… lmao

Yes i desoldered everything and returned the MCC to its original condition

No i did not connect them to a ground point i just went straight start pin to start screw terminal and same for select. Which one was i supposed to put into ground?

And yes im using the jack that came screwed onto the MCC to plug it into my comp

You need Ground.