Dual modded 360 TE issues: An ongoing affair

I’d advise 24gauge wire

If you plan on using stranded, tin it first

A couple of things aren’t clear.
Is this only happening on the 360, or are you seeing it when the stick is in cthulhu mode (PS3/PC)?
Your post isn’t clear on that, but Im assuming its only in 360 that it happens. Do a session on GGPO and the PS3 to be sure.

Do you have a camcorder or a webcam? Setup the 360 in training mode, turn on input display, hold one of the buttons down with something heavy, plug the stick in to make sure it works, set the cam on the tv (and the stick, in case you have cats that might jump on it), and go to sleep. When you wake, fast forward through the recording to see if the ‘please reconnect’ screen comes up at all or if there is more than one input showing (the first when you weighed it down, the others when the stick got reconnected). If the problem occurs during that time, then you know its not a wiring problem. If it doesn’t, then its a wiring problem when you knocked it around in a way where the two problem wires touched together. Find and fix it and clean it up.

If it does glitch, its electronic. If it happens ONLY on the 360, the possibility of it being the Imp is almost nil since a problem would show up on the PS3/PC side as well; the Imp doesn’t care if you’re actively playing it or not, just whether its plugged in. Wire a USB cord directly to the 360 controller, making sure the Imp and cthulhu are powered by it as well, even if they aren’t touching the D+/D- lines. Repeat the cam test. If the problem still occurs, the 360 pcb is once again fubared. If it doesn’t, the Imp should be replaced to be sure.

I’m going to say cold joint on the usb wires between xbox pcb and imp. I had the same problem on my stick, and it was one of the data lines being able to twist enough to cause disconnects every so often, but it always checked out fine when I took the multimeter to it.

nah I don’t have a camcorder. kinda wish I did for this, but I have another way to test it. In tekken 6 as soon as the stick is unplugged it pauses the game, so I can just leave it on overnight and if I wake up I’ll know if it disconnected at all.

I’ve been looking at things more thoroughly today. Multimeter checked out fine again, but I noticed cold joints on my 360 pcb on the d+ and ground. Even with the cold joints I had in the past they still passed the test of me tugging a little on the wires and having a stable connection. I was told today that cold joints have a higher resistance, so maybe it lost connectivity due to that? I don’t really have any clue, but I know that using 30 gauge solid certainly didn’t help on top of a having a cold joint.

I decided to take all power points on both cthulhu and 360 and use 24gauge stranded instead.

The disconnect issue could very well have been a cold joint throughout these months. I’m a novice when it comes to soldering and thought cold joints were only susceptible to breaking off easier, but never knew that you could actually lose connectivity from it.

The disconnect problem never occurred on ps3, but looking at the cthulhu i definitely didn’t have a cold joint. I appreciate all the advice so far from everyone. I’m taking everything into consideration. Hopefully the things I changed around today will be the winning formula.

glory still working hard on this haha. heh ever since my one disconnect message i have yet to get one. fingers crossed knock on wood

Just finished my SE dual mod (MC Cthulhu, Imp, and 360 SE PCB) , and am running into the same problem. =(

I’ll be playing on 360, and every few minutes I’ll get the “Please Reconnect Controller” message. (Even though it instantly reconnects after this, still drops the connection) I tried out the MC Cthulhu functionality on my PS2, and after a while had the game (Melty Blood, in this case) act like the controller was completely disconnected for a bit.

My guess is that I may have a cold joint on a +5V line somewhere. Everything works perfectly fine until said disconnects, and even then I’m not seeing how a questionable solder point on anything except VCC (or maybe the data lines going out to the console) could cause the controller disconnect. I couldn’t see this being caused by any internal connections between the buttons or directions on the boards. =\

I haven’t had any issues yet since I’ve re-soldered the power points and switched to thicker stranded cables.

I’ve ran the stick on my xbox for 3 days straight without powering anything down and no problems. I left it running with books on top of my buttons and a flashlight holding a random direction on the stick in Tekken 6 training mode. It’s a good test because whenever the stick has a connect message it automatically pauses the game and I didn’t get any messages. So I am pretty confident everything is good. knocks on wood

First thing I would do is check the joints. The first couple of TE PCBs I used had a definite trigger issue, which is something that cannot be repaired, but can be adjusted by switching button mapping. The connect issue I had with the TE pcbs could have been a soldering issue as well since I used 30 gauge solid. I always thought the issues I had with those were the fact that the TE pcbs were garbage.

I will no longer use anything that fine anymore for sensitive power points. If you’re using thin wire for those points I suggest using thicker stranded wire. Another thing that helped me identify it as a cold joint issue was brighenne’s suggestion and whenever I used my multimeter I noticed that it had a higher resistance. I had to press down into the solder point harder to get a connection.

So, the happy end to my little chapter of this story.

Got home from work, cracked open my stick, and checked the first spot i anticipated might be the problem. The output voltage on the Imp. Lo and behold, the solder was -very- loose. In my efforts to get the Imp properly mounted, i must have not noticed this and the wire must have moved around a lot.

In any case, some re-soldering was done and a much more solid connection was formed. Plugged the stick back into the 360, and quite a bit of BlazBlue / Garou later, I haven’t noticed a single disconnect. As far as I can tell, problem solved! =D

Much thanks for the help gents. ^^

Moral of the Story, as evidenced by myself and Gl0ry.
If there’s one thing to double, triple, and quadruple check in dual modding, make sure your +5V wires are solid in their joints.

Hallo folks! I have the disconnect problem on my new(not modded) Turnament SF stick. Hoping somone here can help me! The controller disconnects when the stick is pressed to the upper left or right. (jump left or right). On all other input it works fine like there is no problem with the stick o.O. I have looked inside and all seems to be connected well so i dont get it? Somone knows what it could be?