Dual modded custom stick only works on first connect. Help plz!

So, a friend brought over this dual modded custom stick from some modder in the community. It was not working at all, so he asked me to fix it. I checked wires and connectors and other things and found the Neutrik passthrough to be the problem. That was fixed, but now I have a different problem:

It will only connect to an Xbox360 on first connect only. No problems with PS3, just the Xbox.

I have since re-soldered all the connections from the Xbox360 PCB (which I think came out of a TE), but the problem persists. I have also added an extra ground wire, but that did not change anything. Any help would be a appreciated!!

How is it dual-modded?
Kitty, Chimp, Cthulhu, Dual Strike?

It’s using a Chimp. Also, to correct myself, the same thing happens on both PS3 and 360…same error.

Could it be one of the on board capacitors on the Chimp itself being faulty?

Hardly ever, as odds are highly unlikely it would be a bad capacitor.

So the Chimp will not connect to ether system? Do you use the built in USB port on the Chip or the 4 screw terminals?

Take a pic of the work

I does connect to both systems, but only once every 20 mins or so. I’m using the build in USB.

Did you try a different USB cable?

I did, same issue.

Probably not the issue, but I’m a little concerned about the start line shorting to ground.

The start line as in the wire coming from the start button?

Edit: Tried re-soldering the start button wire, but no change.

Yeah, I figured that wasn’t the issue…
If you plug the stick in with everything exposed like it is in the pictures, does it still have the problem?

Does it work on the Xbox360 every time when you hold down the ‘force 360’ combination? (Check the chimp/cthulhu thread, FAQs, first post)

The Chimp design was updated for the ChimpSMD for a number of reasons, one of the biggest being the 4066 chips available in those DIP packages are crap compared to the surface mount ones used in the ChimpSMD. I would highly recommend, even if you’re not 100% sure its the cause, of grabbing another 4006 chip or two, and stacking them. You place one chip on top of the other, making sure the notch is on the same side for all of them, and solder each leg to the matching leg of the chip underneath it. If you ever place an order through my site, I’ll happily throw a few in, or I can try to work out an arrangement to send you a few.

I’ve been plugging it in exposed like that.

Toodles: I’ll look through the diagnostics guide first and test everything. After that, I guess it’s looking like a replacement. Thanks Toodles!!