Dual-modded hitbox issue (EE question)


[FONT=Helvetica]Posted in the noobie thread, only to get ignored… possible because it’s not a noobie question, lol. Anyways, here’s the issue:

I recently dual modded my friend’s Hitbox (PS3 cthluhu hitbox edition). Using some tips I read here, I cut the traces on the cthluhu to use the usb jack, then dual modded with a spare Madcatz TE PCB I had lying around + Impv2. I also built my own SOCD cleaner with logic gates + resistors that I wired to the TE PCB.

Works like a charm - at home, anyways.

Here’s the problem: my friend lives in Austin, and the main source for competition is at Arcade UFO. The arcade’s setup for some games are PS3 cabs with USB extensions to allow for your own controllers. When my friend uses his Hitbox at the arcade, he will intermittently get controller disconnect issues.

With my limited EE knowledge, I suspect that the arcade’s setups are using USB hubs, and the 2 pcbs + socd cleaner in the hitbox is drawing too much current - not an expert on this, so I’m not really sure. Can anyone give me an idea of how to pinpoint the problem, and if there’s a solution?[/FONT]


I had an issue like this on 360, where in a small PS3 hitbox I dualmodded, the 360 PCB wouldn’t turn on when used with the stock USB A-B cord, but using shorter (and thicker) cords got it to turn on.