Dual modded HORI VLX PREMIUM (360/ps1)$230, MAS W/ Seimitsu buttons

EDIT: Some personal emergencies have come up & I need to get rid of these fast. Price drops on items!

I’ve had a lot of unique preferences for sticks in the past that I need to get rid of to pay for some gifts for the holidays. Also have some random arcade stick parts and buttons for sale.

Shipping only to the continental 48. Payment to be made via paypal through verified users only.

Dropping the price, really need to sell this. Selling my dual modded Hori VLX for the 360/psone. Please note, the buttons/balltop on this have been sold. There are a full set of 8 brand new Sanwa 30mm Snap-ins to replace them Comes with all manufacturer pieces including; box, black non slip board, cleaning cloth, manual.
Selling this beauty for $230 + Shipping. I live in the los angeles area if you want to estimate shipping.


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The next stick I have up for grabs is a Hori V3SA with the ps3 pcb removed and replaced with an xbox 360 and psOne dual mod. The stick was purchased brand new in November and only has about 4 hours of play time on it. 4 darkhai/black & 4 black sanwas and a seimitsu clear bubble top added. There’s also been a sanwa 30 mm screw in added to the front of the case to act as the start button (bc I dont really like the start button on the control panel).
There are 2 slight imperfections with the stick. The case was slightly damaged when the 30mm front button was added and theres a scratch on the control panel near the FP/HK. SOLD[/COLOR] Selling this one for $105 Shipped. Oh and it’ll ship with the original box.

The third stick is a MAS systems stick wired for the xbox 360. The stick has been taken apart, sanded down, repainted black and modded so that the control panel can house 30MM screw in buttons. Theres a white iL euro/comp joystick, 6 white seimitsu screw in buttons, 2 button hole plugs, and 2 happ buttons (for the start & back) on the face. A small button was added to the top right (Where the analog buttons typically are on most MAS) to act as guide.
Selling for $95 SHIPPED
edit: i’ll try to get some pics up by tonight.


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I’ve got a few pcbs to get rid of:

2 xbox 360 mad catz fight pad hacked w/ QDs added
$33 SHIPPED each.
http://img442.imageshack.us/img442/5067/sam1223.th.jpg SOLD

Hori ps3 pcb (taken from the v3sa, Not a common ground pcb) wired w/ QDs for $18 shipped. **Pending
WII madcatz pcb taken from the TVC fightstick. Comes with Wii mote cord (however it was removed from the pcb) $20 shipped

I’ve got a lot more to add later so make sure to check back!

Bump for price drops

pics of the MAS?

prices lowered, more pics tonight.

HORI VLX added

pics of items added

YGPM about the V3SA, hit me up…

Still got the v3sa? got some questions, and wonderin’ if you still got it.

Ah sorry V3SA just sold today to Julius Blaze

K thanks

Price drop

Yeah do NOT deal with this guy, he is a scammer.

I was gonna say, these are some crazy ass prices.

What’s up bro? If you remember me you passed out in my room at Evo 2k9! Anyways, I am planning a major in Seattle May 29th, you should fly down. :karate:

aye Julius, you in the Northwest?

Yeah, hit me up on PM if you want to talk, we shouldn’t bump a scammer’s thread.

Lock this shit down. La(Rence), welcome to the blacklist, till you give Julius the VLX or the money back.