Dual Modded Madcatz 360 Fightpad How-to! (lots of pics)

Ahahahah. You win at replies. His next project is to internalize the 360 motherboard and add an LCD to the controller.

I’d be lying if I said a portable 360 isn’t on my to-do list, now that I have the tools I may give it a shot. :shy:

So THAT’S what you’ve been up to Phreak :slight_smile: Good shit.
Youll be even happier when the ChImp is done; autodetection and you’d be able to drop the 8 pin PIC for a smaller overall footprint.


That’s fucking awesome, I can’t wait. I’ll be one of the first to by a kit and attempt this again in a more… streamlined fashion :rofl:

Bumped, for those that were curious at Season’s Beatings 4.

why didn’t you come by and say hi to me? :sad:

I was busy doing mods in the VIP room to get to play any casuals.

I heard your name called for your pool, I went over to say hi but you were about to get your match going, I didn’t want to bother you and make you lose focus or anything. Also, I couldn’t find you after that for some reason, I never saw you again the entire weekend :rofl:

Dude I had the biggest scare, first casual I played on saturday the home screen kept popping up, and someone behind me (Crazzy I think?) kept telling me I had a floating ground (like the pad was disconnecting/reconnecting), my only thought was that if that was the case I needed to immediately find you because I figured you’d have the tools I would need to fix the damn thing :rofl:

Turns out it was just fine, someone’s wireless was fucking with things :lame:

Also, how worth it do you think it is to throw together a portable tool kit to do dual mods and other fixes at gatherings/tourneys that are much smaller than things like SB? I’m sure I wouldn’t have any problems doing a standard dual mod, but I’m wondering if it’s worth my time.

I was in the back in the VIP room practically the whole weekend. My mind was almost completely gone sat night. Funny thing is I heard your name being called out at one point in the tournament. I wanted to go say hi too, but I was really busy and needed to get things done.

Its always worth it. Everyone loves a modder. I had a lot of people on sat that came to me asking to borrow a screwdriver or to take a quick look at a simple problem. Just got to be careful about doing dual mods at tournaments. Need to be prepared and focused. Getting one or two done is great since it will pretty much pay for all the expenses of the tourny trip (unless your traveling far). Make sure you have time to take a break and/or get sleep. I ended up doing 8 dual mods, 1 mc upgrade, and 1 ps1 padhack install. I could of gotten a few more done, but things slowed down due to my mind turning to mush.

The only way this can get modded is if you wire up the cthulhu without a board. And the project Phreak was up to was the silly VSmile stick mod I did. http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?p=7531897#post7531897. I hope you don’t hate me for doing that.

Hmm, I may buy myself a non-desktop iron and bring a small kit to kind of test the waters on that one. The only issue is that it sounds like at something like SB it takes up a lot of your time, and for me I could be using that for casuals and warm ups in general. Hmm… I’ll have to think about that one.

is this S12 spot an alternative path to wiring the home guide button if you screwed up the solder points suggested in “Soldering a Madcatz Fightpad?” diagram you sourced?

Yes, if for some reason you messed up the data trace on the “home” button, S12 (the little circular trace above it), is connected to it, I tested it out of curiosity with a multimeter.

So yes, it can be used as an alternative solder spot for the Fightpad’s Home button.

It’s what I used because the Home button’s trace is super tiny and there wasn’t a spot for the wire to go without getting in the way, so it was kind of a lucky break.

Goddamn, that’s putting in work! Let me get another 30 posts and I’ll give you the + you deserve.

thanks man, now i will attempt to fix the failed solder as yes it is super tiny.

Thank you, I had a lot of fun with it.

Good luck! It’s also pretty tiny, but have some patience with it and you’ll be fine.

Dude amazing work. My TE dual mod took for fricking ever so I can only imagine how long this sucker musta taken… plus there’s a crapton more room in a TE too ;.;

I have a friend whom I cannot allow to see this… because he’ll ask me to do it for him… :expressionless:

pics are down. i want to see!

Hmm, shit.

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Time to switch…


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