Dual modded ps3/369 work with ps4 skull girls?


I have a ps3 mad catz te stick that was dual moded for the 360. I did it at videogames new york in the city.

do you guys know if this ps3 stick will work with the ps4 skull girls? thanks


Most PS3 Arcade sticks and the majority of PS3 controllers should work the marked exception of the Sony Six Axis and Sony Dual Shock 3.


Darksakul is right. It should work. I’ve seen people at my local venue Xanadu games take PS3 TE’s and wireless connect a PS4 controller to the PS4 system, then plug in their PS3 stick and play MKX. Its kind of crazy because it almost defeats the purpose in getting a stick modded for PS4 if all you have to do is that. Unless I’m missing something? I remember Sony stating it was up to the developers if the game will support a PS3 controller but this method seems to work regardless.


I think that more for the PS4 versions of Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Mortal Kombat 10.
Skull Girls should not require the use of a PS4 game pad other than to get the game itself started in the system menu.