Dual modded stick problem/ i need help!

Ok I followed the guise here for dual modding sticks and I have a strange problem.

When I use the MC CTHULU part everything works fine the board runs smooth as butter.no problems there.

But when I use the xbox part ( holding down home ) it works on pc…but not on my xbox.
The pcb is the newer madcatz one ( triggers that need a chip), I’m using the IMP board, And the mc cthulhu.

Mc cthulhu set to d1 and xbox pad set to d2 on the imp.

Is it because I didn’t solder the buttons and the dpad to the MC cthuhu?
And I know for sure the xbox pad works on the 360 because I did not solder the usb off yet…detects the xbox fine and all that.
Buttons respond fine just padhacked, but when I use the dual mod it doesn’t detect.

all I see the pad doing is all 4 of the LED lights blinking but on pc mode it detects.(it shows the name of the pad and all)

Am I missing something or am I just retarded…

If this pcb doesn’t work I have a joytech se PCB that I can hack up as well, I hear these are common ground as well. I just need the pinout and I’m wondering if you have to do anything to the triggers to make em work?
If somone can help me I would appreciate it.