Dual modded stick random 360 disconnects :(



I am having some slight trouble with my modded PS3/360 stick. I didn’t build it myself so I dont get too technical on me!

Basically today it has just randomly started disconnecting from the 360, but only for a split second. Seriously it will just pop up “Controller disconnected” and then disappear. Sometimes it will do it frequently. Sometimes it wont happen at all for the play session.

Online it is annoying as it will randomly just do it whilst in a combo, however it doesn’t interfere that much.

Offline however disconnecting controller even for a slight second brings up the pause menu… Basically means i am fucked in tournaments.

I have not tried swapping over the USB cable yet, i dunno if that would do anything but i dont have any spare. Any suggestions?



Did you dual mod it yourself?
Sounds like a short circuit to me.


No sadly i didnt mod it myself therefore have no idea how to fix it. Literally it will only disconnect for half a second. By the time the pop-up appears to tell me the controller has disconnected, its back on again.

Played SSFIV for about 2 hours earlier only happened once at the end of the session. Earlier on in the day it was every few minutes. It seems completely random.


Have you open it up before? Or better yet open it up and get some pictures of the inside so we can see what might be the problem.


Swapped over the USB cable. Seems to be okay now. So it looks like it was just a faulty cable in the end. Hopefully thats the end of it! touch wood


You probably had a cold joint on one of your power connections. It’s happened to me before and I had a tough time diagnosing the issue.