Dual modded sticks

I have one simple question… does anyone know a place online where i can buy (not send in) a te stick (sf4 not ssf4 if possible) that has already been modded to work for both ps3 as well as x-box 360? thanks for any and all help!



cool thanks i dont want to sound greedy or anything but does anyone (you included craze) know where i can buy this stick from like a site or something where i know im going to get it and not ebay where someone can get the stick because they put one penny more? thanks again for any and all help and thanks craze

Check out the Trading Post forum, you have to be at least 6 months old and have 50 posts to post in it to sell or trade, but you could always PM someone?http://shoryuken.com/forums/226-Trading-Outlet

simple answer. no