Dual modding 101

Wondering if someone could answer a few quick questions for me…

A little background, I’ve got a HRAP V3 SA PS3 stick, an Imp V2, and an Xbox 360 brawlpad (Madcatz common ground). I’ve done plenty of 360 TE + ChImp mods, but not yet starting from a PS3 stick.

  1. I understand how the Imp works, and how the button signals between PCBs should be connected, but should I also connect a ground and vcc between the PCBs or does the Imp handle that connection? For instance, with a 360/PS2 dual mod both controllers are technically getting power, their power and grounds are connected together (as per the image in the first post) but they output to two separate cables. Since this is a single-output connection, I just want to make sure that I don’t fry anything or create power issues.

  2. The brawl pad also supports DP/LS/RS and turbo, is there any way I can connect these points like the button signals so the switches work whether I’m using PS3 or 360? It’s not entirely necessary as I probably won’t ever use these options, but just for the sake of completion/perfection.

  3. With the button signals connected between PCBs, should I assume a ground wire would be shared between them as well? As with the Guide/Home button to the Imp, Home connected to Guide -> Imp is the correct way to do it?

I think that’s all I really need clarified, I’d like to get started on this mod tomorrow. If anyone could lend some expertise, it would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks again.

Rules of a Dual Mod, as you already know:
All PCB must be Common Ground.
All PCB must be powered.
Signal to Signal.

The rules are the same for Multiple PCB Mods.
Think of the Imp as a third PCB.

Yes, you can hook up Turbo and LS/DP/RS.

Alright, thanks for the heads-up jdm. I figured that was the correct way, I’m just being particularly cautious since the V3 is a brand new stick. Off to the lab…

hey jdm714, do you know where the led soldering points are for the madcatz brawl pad? so I can hook up my v3 to use the leds on the stock panel?

Yes, I do know.

Wait some hours for me to show to you.
I have to go.

Let see if you understand this.

The LED are Common Anode.
Anode connects to VCC.

The four Resistors you see are for the LED.
Resistors here are connected to the Cathode.

R27 for D3.
R28 for D4.
R29 for D5.
R30 for D6.

so i would solder r27 to led 1 on the v3 for 1st player, r28 for 2nd, etc. etc?

So, I bought the stuff to dual mod my TE, and I’ve got no issues with soldering. Just have one minor question. Do I tie together the button + joystick grounds from the TE and Fightpad, and then I can solder my fightpad signal contacts to the PS3 TE PCB, right? Then do I just take the USB wires to the imp and follow the pdf?

you only need 1 ground and the ground you use to tie the usb would be enough for all the inputs

Seriously? Awesome. I wasn’t aware those acted as the same… I forget so much about electronics, but I never really worked with dual boards either.

So then, doesn’t the IMP tie the USB grounds together, so I’ve only got to take care of signal?

Thanks for the quick answer, I know so much about technology, but it comes to this and it turns out I know very little.

Also needs to be added to the first post:


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Ok so I am looking to buy a PS4 mkx fightpad. Im looking to add this into my MAS arcade stick. Which currently has an xbox 360 madcatz fight pad pcb. I daisy changed the ground to all the buttons and Im using a wico perfect 360 joystick so I need the 5v. I wanted to add the MKX pcb in it. So it will have both pcbs in it. Will i run into any issues? Also how do I wire it so I can use both ps3 and ps4 because I want to use it on my pc for mame. Please help me And thank you. All your help is appreciated

You’re gonna have a few issues if it’s dual modded, the mkx will need a diode on every imput.

You can already use the ps3/4 on either device but if you want to be able to switch to either natively, you’re going to need to access the toggle option somehow.

There’s a few options on how to do that such as having a switch mounted outside or some access point.

My preference if i have to do something like that is something on the cable like this.

So i can run them up the wire a bit and not have to mar the joystick or add holes.

@Gummo put up a nice pinout guide on the third party padhack thread.

I picked mine up off amazon but you can grab them anywhere you like.

What if I keep the power cable for each controller?

I’m not sure what your stick looks like but you can run separate wires to everything, you likely will want to change the existing daisy chain wiring to a terminal block like one of these and wire everything a bit neater.

Just remember you will need a wire for all the grounds no matter how you do them, and then a one for each input per pcb and as you have to usb cables coming out you will need to have space in the hole coming out for the 2 cords.

Hmm. Alright. I’m gonna try it and let you know. Thanks a lot

I’ll post pics of my wiring later thanks

Hello there,

i’ve a problem here. I’m dual modding an Atrox Xbox One arcade stick from Razer with a Hori Mini 4 PCB.
I added a neutrik USB adapter to have one cable for each pcb.
Now, both pcbs are common ground, so i use the classic commond ground wiring to connect ground and signals.
But, when i connect the usb or the atrox cable, buttons work well but the stick is not working. every direction i push is wrong, only UP is right.
I tried EVERYTHING. Could you help me to find the problem please?


Did you connect VCC (aka 5v in this case) between the boards? Both boards need power at all times. If the directions are constant, you could swap some wires around to correct, though I’d be more concerned about figuring out what went wrong first.

You will hit a brick when using all official PS4 controllers in dual mods, as far as I know. All the inputs are connected to ground when the PS4 PCB is the secondary PCB. That means the primary PCB will report all inputs active (low voltage), hence nothing will happen when you hit buttons or move the stick. The workaround is to put a signal diode like the 4148 between PCB signals (anode connected to other PCB signal, Cathode connected to PS4 PCB signal). It’s a pain in the ass to solder all those diodes in addition to doing the usual dual mod thing.
As for your stick registering only the UP direction, I’m tempted to say that you have a bad solder somewhere that lets the other pcb sending the correct signal… Hope that helps