Dual Modding 360 Stick

Hi, I’m considering getting a TE 360 stick (already own a PS3 TE). I have heard 360 sticks are easier to dual mod than PS3. Is this true or is my information wrong?

I apologize if a thread has been made for this already, but I couldn’t find the information. Any help appreciated, thank you

So do you want to know how to Dual Mod an Xbox 360 TE?
Or do you just want confirm that it is cooler to start with Xbox 360 TE to Dual Mod?

I’d say they’re both similar, but with the 360, you can have the stick auto detect which system it boots up to. The PS3 will require you to hold one button to switch over to the other system.

I heard a PS3 TE Dual Modded Stick “lags” on a 360. If I’m going to go to the trouble to have somebody do this for me, I want it to work, that’s my only concern

No, it doesn’t lag. Essentially the electronic switch chooses which PCB to use. It’s not like you’re going through a converter to change those input signals when you press a button.

I don’t know why people say Xbox 360 is easier than PlayStation 3.
It is all the same to me and jamesepoop.

With an Xbox 360 TE, you add a Cthulhu or Multi-Console Cthulhu of ChImp.


Can also use the TEasy Mod on Xbox 360 TE.

With PlayStation 3 TE, will add Xbox 360 Controller.


General Dual Mod.

Where did you read about lag?
That is so not true.

Thanks guys for all of your help in answering the questions so fast. Do you know anybody where I can send off my stick to have this done for me? Somebody reliable? I would like to get my PS3 TE stick dual modded

Both jamesepoop and I.

If I just wanted it to work for 360, how much would that be? I don’t really understand the pricing, sorry:(