Dual Modding 360 TE stick with chimp board

So I want my 360 TE stick to work with ps3. I’ve read all about it in these threads and just had a few basic questions before I go and order this chimp board.

So pretty much what im doing here is getting this board, desoldering the usb cable from the 360 board and soldering it to the chimp, then just soldering the corresponding wires from the chimp to the 360 board? and thats it? Also what guage wire do you recommend for this? I know how to solder well so thats no problem, I just feel like im missing something because it seems so simple…

All the information you possibly need is here:


The only difference is that you want to use a chimp instead of a cthulhu and imp.

I personally prefer to use the cthulhu and imp combination when dual modding the 360 TE as you can have a physical switch to change the PCBs, so if you want to default to the 360 pcb on a pc, you use a switch, whereas with the chimp, i believe you have to press three buttons to default it to the 360 due to the auto switching.

That’s just me of course, and people that i do the dual mods for also prefer that way.

Yeah I decided I would rather not have a switch, automatic sounds fine to me. If I really have to put in 360 mode pressing 3 buttons while I plug it in is no biggy. You could of at least told me if the information I posted was correct, instead of sending me to that post which ive read before (ill read it again because I see the question I had about the wire is answered). Thanks

Well if you’ve read it, then all the questions you have are answered.

I was trying to help, and not be a prick about you starting a thread that has been answered in many different threads, I didn’t want to be a forum natzi and say use the search function, but with a reply like that, there’s really no more for me to add to the thread…

hope your mod goes well.

Sorry I wasn’t trying to be a prick, i guess that kind of came out wrong. I just would of like it if you would have also told me with a simple yes or no if the information that I have gathered through reading posts like the one you referred me too was correct.


Yes, you have the jist of what’s required. I haven’t done a mod with the chimp just yet, but i’m sure it won’t be that much different from bomberman’s diagram ie. what you said, de-solder the usb cable from the 360 pcb, solder it to the chimp and match up all the corresponding points from the 360 pcb to the chimp.