Dual Modding a 360 Madcatz TE stick with a PS1 controller?

I have never done a dual mod before. Are there any tutorials for dual modding a TE stick? I have a non analog ps1 controller and I want to toss it in my fight stick.

I saw shinjnSRK’s youtube video but it looks like a project that he did not complete or post a full tutorial of yet and he’s adding a Cthulu rather than a psone controller.

It’d be best to use a common ground dual shock ps1 pad pcb rather than the digital pcb.

Thanks. I thought the non dualshocks were common ground though?

It doesn’t look too difficult to wire this.

And I really need a tutorial :sad:

i would be interested in seeing something for this. Ive seen lots of people use toddles board for this mod. Havent seen any psx dual mods.
Still havent gotten my hands on a TE to check it out yet. Hopefully soon

The digital ps1 pcb is common ground, but some adapters/games have issues if they don’t detect the analog pcb.

i did it, but it was psx+toodles+360. there’s the “2 pcb’s in one stick” thread and that’s got the answers for you. the psx was digital though, so maybe i’ll switch it one of these days.

the dual pcb mod is actually not that bad. all you REALLY need to make sure you do correctly is connect the power lines of the 2 pcb’s together (usually the red wire) and the grounds (black wire) from each pcb. then it’s a matter of connecting each button lead from the 2 pcb’s, and then you’re done! just don’t use both at the same time