Dual-modding a 360 Madcatz TE Stick?

Okay, so its been a long time since I’ve made any sticks, and when I did, all these nice PCBs didn’t exist yet, so I haven’t done any automatic switching dual modded sticks.

I have a Madcatz TE Soul Edition Stick for the 360. I want to dual mod it for the PS3.

I assume the easiest way to do this would be with a ChImp? Markman was also telling me about something called the “Kitty”; what is that?

Also, will I retain all turbo functions with the PS3 as well? Or will they only work on the 360?

Doing a little research, it appears the TE Kitty is the way to go… and I’ll need the TE-S Harness.

I purchased:
TE Kitty
TE-S Wire Harness
Neutrik RJ-45 Jack
12" Ethernet Cable

Did I forget anything?

Personally I’d go for the Paewamg Revolution PCB if all I wanted was 360 and PS3 compatibility. Does it all in one board with pretty large solder points.

That’d get everything on your stick. The Neutrik and the ethernet cable are completely optional; if you just want PS3+360, they’re not needed since they can both work over the USB cord.

He would be saving $15, sure. But in exchange, he would have to solder, lose all functionality of LEDs and sliders, lose the ability to have seperate button mappings for different console, lose autodetection, lose turbo, and lose support for all of the massive library of consoles the Kitty can work with.

It is a cheaper option, no doubt about it. I don’t consider it a superior option.

Toodles, I ordered from your site… any chance you have any Sanwa JLF Octagon Gates?

My circular one, no official octagonal ones.

You might want something a little longer than twelve inches. . . .

Just sayin’

For a TE stick, it’s the perfect length to go from the Kitty to a RJ-45 pass through mounted in the Back button hole.

Oh, right, Kitty is multi-console; need a new cable on the inside.

You can find a octagonal gate here http://www.focusattack.com/sanwa-gt-y-octagonal-restrictor-gate/

You rule Toodles… anyways, I ordered. How long are your delays right now?

None. Your box was already picked up by the mailman a few hours ago. If the status on the tracking hasn’t changed yet to show it’s been received, it will soon.

Toodles has rightfully earned the title of godlike controls. Not only because of creating godlike controls, but having godlike control over shipments. :tup:

Hah… I still have a box of half a dozen Axisdapters that I didn’t end up using.