Dual modding a PS3 SE stick for 360

So a while ago I did something silly, I saw a madkatz SE on ebay for about $50 used only a single time. I was happy to see the bargain and jumped on it. However when I was at the guy’s door it turned out to be a PS3 version, I completely forgot to check the advertisement for which console it was. (I already had a PS3 stick and wanted a 2nd one for 360, I took his stick with me anyway of course.)

So what is the easiest way to dualmod a PS3 stick to work on 360. Get an imp board+360padhack? Scrap the madkatz ps3 PCB and replace with Cthulu+padhack? Almost all tutorials and FAQs I see are based around sticks are for 360 to begin with, so some guidelines on this reverse situation would be much appreciated.

p.s. I’m comfortable with soldering, I just hate stripping wires but that’s mostly because I have a crappy cheap one.

You don’t really need a specific tutorial.
Using the Xbox 360 + Cthulhu is fine.
All Dual Mods are the same.

Get a Cthulhu if you want flawless PC support.
No need to worry about your Motherboard.

And Cthulhu can play PlayStation 2 games on Backwards Compatible PlayStation 3.
Unlike the Mad Catz PCB.

If you getting a Cthulhu to replace the Mad Catz, might as well get ChImp instead.
Then you would have Automatic Detection when Dual Mod with Xbox 360 PCB.

Thanks for your ever helpful posts jdm :). I do use it on PC a lot but the madkatz and hori PCBs proved no problem for me so far.
I originally didn’t really feel like replacing the madkatz because I thought it’d be a lot of difficult work but I don’t really have a choice right.
I think i’ll go with the ChImp to replace the madkatz PCB then because it gives the most ease of use in the end.

if your comfortable with soldering, just grab any common ground madcatz pcb.

if you want to use only 1 usb, follow any of the dual mods tutorials that uses a switch, or grab an imp.

i’d grab an imp with a madcatz pcb. Unless your trying to get PS2 support as well, then go with JDM’s suggestion

You can save some bucks if you are confident about soldering and get a Madcatz PCB for 360. I’d recommend the Fightpad because there is no extra work for the triggers. 360 PCB’s work fine on any PC if official drivers are installed.

Ok so 360fightpad hack + imp is a viable choice after all? I don’t particularly care about PS2 support and yeah it does save about 30 bucks. The imp does need a manual switch of some sort right, but I guess I could hook that up on the ‘lock’ switch, I’m not good with drills and I don’t have a dremel so yeah.
Sorry for a noob thread but I got a little confused.

Thanks guys.

Yes, you can just add an Imp and an Xbox 360 Controller PCB if you want.

Now that I know what you want to do.

Great link thanks jdm :smiley: I can get down on this project pretty soon now.