Dual Modding a SFXT TE PRO


Hey, after receiving helpful tips on how to fix my stick before on this forum I figured I would ask a similar question, I want to dual mod my SFXT TE PRO for PS3 to be compatible with an xbox, I have an xbox controller, but don’t know much else about going about this.


What 360 controller do you have?


a wireless one, a friend gave it to me, worse comes to worse, I’ll just buy one if I need to.


Incompatible with the mod you want to do.

You’ll need something like a Mad Catz 360 Fightpad / Brawlpad / Strekken


oh alright, the only other thing I know I’ll need is my soddering supplies and a DPDT switch, idk what kinda wiring ill need or rly what to do, I jus know a lot of my friends have xbox and some tournies run on xbox


You could use an IMPv2 pcb instead of a DPDT switch. It will mean you won’t need to make another hole in your stick shell.


ya but DPDT is more economical for me =[, also how would I go about wiring it


Wiring of an IMPv2 is very simple - just follow the instructions for Basic Setup in this PDF:



yeah you’re right, it’s better to do this, I’m a moron lol


Actually I prefer the dpdt switch. Not hard to make a small hole in the cable compartment, and you don’t have to worry about software mishaps. Simply switch one way or the other and you are good for your system.


I have never herd of any so call software mishaps using the Imp, maybe user installation mishaps.


Well one of my friends got their stick modded by a well known modder on these boards and sometimes the stick does not change systems. Another friend modded his own and if he leaves it plugged into an xbox that has been turned off, sometimes it will randomly turn back on.
Just because you have not heard of a problem does not mean it does not exist.


Who is this modder and did your friend ask them to fix it?

If they did not ask, then why not?


Not me.

If I was the Modder, I would have heard back from, right?
But there are some Customers who send to another.
Like sometimes I would get Gummo’s work to fix.

Maybe Customer lives too far from Gummo.
Maybe Customer wants to try out another Modder.
But Gummo fixes for free, so it does confuse me when happen.


I would expect those to be hardware/installation mishaps before software, but I could be wrong. But back to the topic, I would consider replacing the PCB with a Paewang/PS360+ for ease of use/reduction of clutter.


Paewang pcb’s are now redundant technology.

Use PS360+


I don’t know if its redundant if its using the same 360 chip as last model of the PS360 then its the same chip as the Paewang uses but of course the Paewang does not have PS2 support like the PS360+


It also does not have auto-detect, screw terminals, LED support, 360 mic jack compatibility, analogue stick modes, upgradable firmware, USB/RJ45 jacks, S+S=G, SOCD cleaning… not to mention the known problems with paewang boards.

Yep, redundant technology.


yeah yeah…I didn’t know it had LED support do you mean as on the board itself or as in you can add it to buttons make them do light shows or what not


Player LED’s only (up to 7 players).

Not to be confused with something like a dedicated controller like a Sparky or FGWidget.