Dual modding a VX-SA soon ASSISTANCE NEEDED!


So I just ordered ChImpSMD and I have some what of an Idea of how to wire the VX-SA to the PCB. Does anyone have a detailed guide on wiring the ChImpSMD to a Hori VX-SA board?



Follow Dual modding guides, since finding the pcb pinout for the stick layout is tedious, here it is. Thanks to JDM714 I believe? Also the Chimp instructions are more than clear.


You the man! I greatly appreciate this! Now all I need to do is play the waiting game for my ChImpSMD to get in the mail!


I need to point out that the colors for the USB Data Lines are switches in that picture.
Data- is supposed to be white.
Data+ is supposed to be green.

Data- and Data+ are labeled correctly in the picture.
Just that their colors are wrong.


Yeah i noticed that while modding, so i ignored the photo then


It is, isn’t it? We need a thread for them.


It would be tedious if you dont know how to search for it. It’s in the HRAP VX-SA/V3 thread.


Um…you said it was tedious. I just agreed with you. I do know how to search for them, and find them when I need them. Not sure where you got the idea that I didn’t.


I clearly misread. My apologies.


No problem.


For what it’s worth, I edited the chart so that we can all stop mentioning that. Haha.

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