Dual Modding an Xbox 360 SE stick?

Hey, i’m in need of help, i used the search bar but could not come up with the answers i needed.

Basically, i was wondering what are my options when it comes to dual modding a xbox 360 se stick. Please list all, including easiest, most cost effective, etc.

Thanks in advanced!

Easiest, and most cost effective. Check out Toodles Cthulhu/Chimp thread.

ChImp SMD is best. If you can manage to fit in a TE kitty, they work just as well, but the fitting them in part is tricky. Installing them to make it work is super-easy, but it costs more than a ChImp SMD. If you can solder at all, go ChImp SMD.

I have a question about the MC cthulhu. I was wondering what exactly the usb jack on the board is for besides testing it on the pc to find out which version you have? Also can you install the rj45 connector so that it is also the hook up for the xbox 360 and ps3’s usb cable so it is aslo detachable? Thanks guys

USB Jack on Cthulhu and Multi-Console Cthulhu and is for using on PlayStation 3 only.
When you Dual Mod using using those, the USB Jack cannot be used.
PS3 and Xbox 360 has to be controlled by the Imp in Dual Mod.

So when you Dual Mod with Cthulhu/Multi-Console Cthulhu and Imp, you can use USB Jack.
The USB Jack on the Imp will allow for the same USB cable to be used on both Consoles.
And also detachable if you want.

ChImp SMD is the only one where the USB Jack can be used for both Console when Dual Mod.
With trickery and Imp, using the USB Jack on Cthulhu/Multi-Console in a Dual Mod is possible.
It is how I do it to Dual Mod the Hit Box for my customers.

On Cthulhu, you can install a cable terminated by RJ45 if you want.
Then that will connect to an RJ45 Jack that you will have.
Then you terminate a USB cable with RJ45.

You can do the same with the Multi-Console Cthulhu.

If you want to Dual Mod with Cthulhu/Multi-Console Cthulhu and Imp, you can RJ45 that too.
Solder on an RJ45 Jack to the Imp v2, then terminate a USB cable for RJ45.

The Toodles TE Kitty PCB (http://www.gdlk.co) can be used inside the SE with some slight modification to the plastic posts inside. It’s the most elegant dual mod solution out there for MadCatz TE and SE Xbox360 boards as it’s solder-less and retains all the original functionality of the turbo panel LEDs.