Dual Modding an Xbox One TE2 to work on PS4 as well

I have been searching the forums but had no luck. Are there any guides on here that teach you how to do this?

I don’t necessarily need to use the same power cable, but I’d just like to be able to wire up some sort of PS4 controller to my TE2 so I can play the SF5 beta. It’s painful to do this game with the pad lol.


You’ll need the TE2 Crossbone then do a regular dual mod from that point, probably by buying an FC4 and pad hacking that.

There any pinouts for that FC4 controller? I just googled it and am assuming it’s the Hori Fighting Commander 4/3 that works on ps4 and ps3.

I’m checking out the thread on here for the TE2 Crossbone thing right now to see exactly what it’s for.

Check out Gummo’s Third Party PS4 padhack thread for the pinouts, but really everything is pretty obvious on the pad. The Crossbone circumvents the fact that the Xbone TE2 isn’t common ground, and makes it easier to wire the mod up anyway.

So with the TE2 Crossbone it will wire up both and use the same USB cable? (the one on the TE2 by default)

How do you switch which “mode” console you want to put it in? Do you have to wire up a hard switch or is there a software switch?

It’s basically got a built in Imp board so you can set it so while holding a button and plugging it in it’ll switch to the second PCB.

Okay gotcha (i think) thanks for the info.

Last time I did a dual mod was when SF4 came out lol, so things have changed quite a bit since then.