Dual modding hori vx sa

Im trying to dual mod my hori vx sa and wanted to know the best dual mod board to use or does teh vlx kitty work for teh vx sa as well.

ChImp SMD.
There is nothing else to use.

Well, you can use TE Kitty, VLX Kitty.
But it won’t be how it was designed for use.
TE Kitty will be soldered instead of using harnesses.

But the Kitty is Multi-Console, so may as well just use Imp v2 and Multi-Console Cthulhu.
Will be a little bit cheaper than a Kitty.

For regular Dual Mod, just use ChImp SMD.

what do you mean by " it wont be how it was designed for use?" do you mean id have to solder it and it wont be as neat? not tryna sound like a noob which i am i just wanna be specific

One of the main features of a Kitty board is that it is a solderless install using various different plugs. A VLX Kitty is only designed to be solderless with a VLX arcade stick. You can still technically use it with other types of arcade stick but there will be a lot of soldering required. So much so that a ChImp SMD or MC Cthulhu + IMPv2 makes a much more logical choice.

oh ok so i guess im going with the chimp. thanks for the info

ChImp SMD, not the original ChImp :slight_smile:

Remember that this will require soldering to dual mod your VX:SA.

Order direct from Toodles if you can:


I dual modded my VX SA With Paewang. Very easy, but does require some specific materials to make it easier

dont you loose your 4 green LED’s for the xbox if you do that? I think the chimp SMD is probably the way to go here. you can keep the individual turbo switches too.

i modded my street fighter se stick with a paewang and i did lose my 4 leds but does the chmp smd let you keep them? and does it have headest support

ChImp SMD, no LED Player for PlayStation 3.
ChImp SMD, no headset for PlayStation 3.

If you had Dual Mod the HRAP VX SA with ChImp SMD, Xbox 360 side would be stock.
Stock would have the Player LED and headset be still there for Xbox 360.
You removed stock Xbox 360 PCB for Paewang. :sad:

I could’ve sworn that I replied to this. Well either way -

Yeah so my Paewang went crazy. not sure why but i guess it wasn’t as easy as I though. LK and turbo were somehow fused. After working on it for about 3 days I said f it i’m going to put it back to stock. It was tough… but I got it done :). Stick is now back to stock condition, and i’ve ordered a ChimpSMD :).

I’ve been looking up a lot of stuff on how to wire it correctly… i was wondering if anyone has picture of how they mounted it in VX-SA? Since I need both PCBs i can’t keep it where it is. Also i feel like this is going to be a “clean wiring” nightmare… but we’ll see. Any help appreciated… I expect to get the the Chimp by the end of next week!

EDIT - just wanted to say that there was nothing wrong with the Paewang. It was me. i shorted something and i’m not sure what. didn’t want anyone to say that I said my pcb was defective. no i messed it up. now its junk. unless i can fix it and put in another stick???

Lots of great info in the V3/VX-SA thread. I found this postespecially useful.




My Chimp just kinda hovers above the main board. If you wanted something a little more secure, you could use those “stackable” screws (not sure what the proper term for them is) or buy yourself some longer screws and a couple of spacers.

EDIT: Looks like the stackable screws I mentioned are called hex spacers. Hope this helps.