Dual modding issues

I tried to dualmod my new stick with a dualstrike PCB and a Microsoftpad.
The Stick runs flawlessly on my PS3 but doesn’t work on the xbox.

When I connect the stick to the Box nothing happens, except that the xbox-button LEDs are blinking.
The cables and soldering seem to be ok, I checked every single one, if it is connected to the common ground xbox PCB.

I don’t know how and where i have to search for the problems causing the malfunction.
Here’s a picture of the PCB:click (hope to get a better camera tomorrow)

I hope u guys have some suggestions for me.
Thx anyways

e: failed with naming the topic-.-

That PCB is not Common Ground.
It is a Common Voltage Line.


You will have to use an Inverter to fix that problem.
Or have to buy a Common Ground Xbox 360 Controller.

The only Common Ground PCB from Microsoft is the Wireless.
If you do not want Wireless, you have to buy Mad Catz #4716 from GameStop, or FightPad.

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