Dual modding my 360 te stick need help

this is my first time doing this i need a quick question. when i connect the wires from my buttons to my chimpsmd where am i connecting the ground wire?

Look at the chimp smd…there are four screw terminals marked “GND”…use any of those…as long as you have one ground connected from your te pcb ground to the smd ground your set…

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ok cool i am almost done

Ok i finished my dual mod. but when i plug it up to the 360 everything lights up but does not work. but as soon as i plug it up to my ps3. i get everything to work.

How did you wire up the ChImp SMD to the TE PCB?
Pictures so I can see.
Words so I can read.

Did you make sure that the firmware is up to date?

I ended up doing some reseach on how to get it in 360 mode and it worked perfectly! didnt want to take pictures of the mess but i will finish up on it today and post my result photos

Something is not right if you have to Force Xbox 360.
There is Automatic Detection.

Thats the samething i was thinking. but when i held LK MP HP it detects it. :frowning:

But LK+MP+HK = Xbox 360.

I changed it to where its the ps3 control layout since most majors are gonna be on ps3