Dual modding my Madcatz SE, need a few tips


I’m really just having a hard time getting started I think :wonder:

I can’t find any guides that specifically show you how to mod an SE.

I’d like to ask right now if anyone has dual modded an SE (I have a wired MS 360 controller).

I’m gonna keep looking at it until I know exactly what I need to ask, I really just don’t know exactly on how to wire it.

Thanks in advance.


I intend to get my SE modded eventually so I’ve been looking up info on how to do it as painlessly as possible. Perhaps I can help you with a little of my research.

Check out Purplearms “TEasy in 30” video on youtube. It will show how to mod a 360 TE stick, which is basically an SE stick in terms of PCB and wires, to run with the PS3 using a TEasy Mod and a Dual Strike.

With the new TEasy Strike that’s out now, which combines the TEasy and the Dual Strikes into one PCB. Just following the instructions means that you’ll have a modded stick without soldering.

Personally, i have no idea how to install one of the other great mods out the, the ChImp. But I can imagine that it’s just as easy, but requires a little more wire cutting. But I can’t find a good video on how to install it or clear enough instructions (For me atleast, I’m a bit of a worrier if I have to cut something cause I know I’ll invariably ruin it)


Dual modding an SE is exactly the same as modding a TE of the same system. They both use the same PCBs. Because of this, you can use the guides already posted for dual modding TEs for your SE.


You didn’t even bother to mention if you SE is a PS3 or 360.

In any event read slagcoin.com


Umm he did mention.

I’d like to ask right now if anyone has dual modded an SE (I have a wired MS 360 controller).


It is still unclear to me if that sentence means that he is trying to add the pcb of an official wired MS 360 controller gamepad to his PS3 SE, or if his SE is the wired 360 controller.


In any event, he can always mod his stuff via the pcb or if he doesn’t want to take that many chances with his pcb, he can solder his signals to the underside of the terminal block.

If you are intending to use an MS 360 wired pcb (which is what i’m understanding) as a dual modding medium, those pads aren’t common ground. You’d have to get yourself a 4716 controller with a trigger inversion hack or easier yet, a madcatz fightpad.


Thanks for all the replies, this has really boosted my confidence.

And I plan just to put the grounds together, thus making it a common ground (I hope that will work) for the 360 controller.


derp that’s not how this works

Common ground means that all signals, will work with the same ground, no matter what ground it is. For example, in a common ground pad, you can link the signal for a to the same ground as the left direction or LB or any other ground point, even the ground used by the USB, which you can’t do on an MS pad. You still haven’t told us exactly what pcb you’re using at all either. If you plan on using the MS wired 360 pcb then that’s not common ground. Linking the grounds together does nothing for you if the pcb itself isn’t common ground.