Dual Modding my PS3 Tournament edition fightstick to 360

Hello guys, i am soon going to buy a Tournament edition fightstick for the PS3, since there dont seems to be any 360 models here in Sweden, and i refuse to pay 70 bucks for the freight…

So i was thinking if anyone could please tell me how to dual mod this version into a 360 compatible stick.
I got 2 360 controller PCB’s lying around, and i am not afraid to use them, the only problem is that i dont know how to solder it correctly so it can work with boath pcb’s.

So… If there is anyone out there, who can help me with this problem, please do!. :crybaby:

My best regards. / Otium from Sweden.:chat:

do a quick search on this forum. This topic has come up a few times. It’s doable, but takes some skills.