Dual Modding need help

hey guys!

i’m dual modding a 360 Blazblue TE with a ChimpSMD and the home button isn’t working! i’m to the point where it tells me to test and see if the light would settle on a player number, and it does! the only problem is that the home key isn’t working

pictures of your work would help

also you can press both start and select for the home button to activate

but the button should work at the least for 360, unless he has the slider set to ‘locked’.

I got it figured I checked the forums. Someone mentioned holding down lk mp hp then it works. Its weird because without holding it all the buttons work cept for the home/ guide key. It does the auto detect but not for the home button…

Plug it into a PC in normal Chimp mode. Go into the properties of the controller in the game controller’s applet of the control panel. When you press and hold start and select, does the stick move?

just tried it. and it does. does that mean i did something wrong? all the buttons work in the applet. with or without holding the start and select buttons

Means that you’re problem will be permanently fixed if you update the firmware. Linked in first post of Cthulhu thread.
Once you’ve updated it, your Home button problem should be fixed, and it should no longer jam itself to the left or right in PC mode when you hold Start and Select. Let me know how it goes.

just updated firmware. i still have to hold buttons =/

it’s cool though, holding buttons isn’t a problem at all. thanks toodles!
awesome stuff man