Dual modding PS3 Fightstick possible?


Just curious if it would be possible to do with a Digital PS1 pad. Not sure how much room is available for it though.


It’s possible. You don’t need the whole PS1 pad. Just the encoder chip, crystal and any passive components (resistor array most likely).

It’s possible. So much is possible in this world.


My main concern (besides the size of the PCB) is whether or not there’s anything special about the PCB. Would it be as simple as wiring the pad and the wires for the buttons to a terminal strip or would I need to do more than that?


You never mentioned simple. You said possible.

I have no idea if it’s simple. What you’re looking at is wiring two different controllers to a common set of buttons. Which means that when the PS1 is plugged in, it’ll be pumping voltage (of an unknown quantity, I don’t know what it operates at) into the signal wire of a button, down the signal wire to the PS3 controller where it’ll do god knows what with it.

You’ll be supplying power to both of them simultaneously. Now, diodes allow electrons to flow one way, but not the other. They’re custom built for this sorta thing. So you can go and install diodes into all of the wires. I have no idea which diode… but…

Y’know what, I take it back. I have no idea if it’s simple… which probably means it’s not.