Dual Modding PS3 TE To Work With PS4?


*I apologize for creating a new thread as I’m sure my answer is already somewhere on the forum. However, I’ve searched and can’t seem to find anything definitive.

I currently own a PS3 TE-S (the Tekken Hybrid stick, to be exact) and really appreciate its no-nonsense aesthetic. With the PS4 selling as well as it is I’m sure that there will be no shortage of support for it and it will supplant the PS3 as my main console sooner than later. When that happens I won’t be completely abandoning the PS3 and can’t realistically have two fightsticks sitting around the living room, so having dual compatibility is the answer.

So, is there a solution that supports PS3/PS4 dual compatibility yet? I’ve never modded a stick before, so what would it entail? (it’s been a while, but I have plenty of soldering experience) What would the cost be? Would I be better off just selling while there’s still a market for my current stick and waiting for the TE2 that comes with dual compatibility out of the box? (being able to swap the gate easily is also enticing) I also already know about the Cronusmax, but have read that its PS4 compatibility is wonky, it has the potential to damage USB ports, and that the jury is still out on whether or not it causes input lag.

*Xbox compatibility is a nice bonus, but I’ll never own a 360 again, can’t justify a purchase of an Xbone for Killer Instinct alone, and likely won’t buy an Xbone because KI is literally the only Microsoft exclusive I’ve cared about since the OG Xbox.


You can padhack, but that’s a tough hack (not recommended). You could pay an established builder to do it for you, you could get the new Hori that is PS3/PS4 compliant.


Thanks for the quick reply! I don’t know anything about padhacking… does that require a disassembly of a PS4 controller to use its pcb? I’d assume that would also require some internal modification of the stick to mount the pcb? Again, I don’t mind some soldering, but I don’t think that I would be comfortable performing any modifications past that. Also, I’m assuming that between shipping costs and having to pay a builder I would be looking at a large investment.

Thanks for the tip on the Hori. I honestly didn’t know they made a dual-compatible stick.

The Beginners guide to planning a Mod like a Pro

XBONE and PS4 pad hacks are extremely difficult due to needing to deal with the analog buttons/sticks. That will require soldering a tiny resistor/capacitor (don’t remember which, but is tiny). They are not hack friendly PCBs either. And they cost a ton of money. The cheapest option might be to sell your stick and get the Hori. PS4 pad ~$70, pay someone to dual mod ~$70. Or try to do it yourself and wreck your $70 pad. Alternatively, if you can wait, Akishop is trying to get PS4 functionality in its 360+.


PS4 functionality will depend on whether they can hack the alleged security chip that’s in the PS4 controller PCB’s.
It took around three years to hack the security chip for the 360… I dunno that it’ll be that much quicker with the PS4.
In the short-term at least, trading up or buying another joystick might be more practical.
2 joysticks is NOTHING… there are plenty of people here who have dozens of joysticks. The record holder is well over 100, maybe in 300+ range.


That describes pad hacks right there.

You disassemble a controller completely, get rid of the shell, the buttons and everything that isn’t electronics.
Then you are replacing those button contacts and switches for a different kind of switch. That is all a arcade button really is, its a type of switch.
Given its a momentary push switch, the moment you let go of a button the switch goes back to being OFF. It is the same thing with the rubber contacts inside of a game pad.

Here is a old school example of a Pad hack. This is a SNES controller stripped down to it’s printed circuit board and system cable.
Then wires are soldered to the PCB’s contacts and lead over to a set of arcade buttons.

NES and SNES controllers are as simple as it get, you could clone one with some electronic knowledge and some off the shelf shift registers.
Only controllers that are easier to hack are Atari 2600 joysticks and Neo Geo Controllers (as they usually lack a PCB)

With the PS3 and Xbox 360 Pad hacking got a bit more complex.
You had to deal with not just the digital push buttons, but analog triggers and buttons as well.
The methodology is the same, you are just mimicking a full press on the Analog buttons.

PS4 (and XBox 1) game pad PCBs are a bit complicated with smaller points to solder to.
The basics are still there but the actual skill and difficulty goes up dramatically from the Xbox 360 pad hack I showed you before.

Here is a offical Nintendo SNES game pad PCB to show for comparison.

There more to Pad hacking than what I showed here, things that should be factored like common ground, analog thumb sticks and such.

It is possible to Pad hack a PS4 game pad, but its far from a beginner project. If you never really soldered before I advise you not to attempt it on your own.
You could hire someone else, buy the new Hori Hrap V4 (or the new PS3/PS4 TE 2 when it comes out) or you can wait it out for more options later.

I own like 9 sticks. Hundred’s? I think you are speaking of Markman, who haven’t provided with any figures but he did took pictures of parts of collection.

The Beginners guide to planning a Mod like a Pro

Markman is in the business, its not really fair to compare. I’ve got 26 last count, and I’ve admittedly got a problem. It’s not unreasonable that he doesn’t want a living room to look like my game room where you cant walk for fear of tripping over a joystick.


Lots of good info. Thanks, fellas! I’ll probably be selling/purchasing when the opportunity presents itself as it seems like the cost of modding just won’t be worth it for myself and there’s too much uncertainty with the (immediate) future compatibility of solutions like the Akishop. I’ll probably wait for a TE2 since I have no experience with Hori’s parts, the palm rest design is counterintuitive to how I currently rest my wrists with the TE-S, and I’m happy with Sanwa’s feel.

Concerning ownership of multiple sticks, I wish I could have a bunch of toys littering my living room but it’s hard enough just having the one stick without my significant other constantly griping about it. She, of course, has furnished our place with a bunch of purely aesthetic crap that serves literally no functional purpose, but this is a battle I simply cannot win. :slight_smile:

EDIT: And I would love to get a Time Crisis 2 cab in the future should the opportunity present itself so I have to pick my battles wisely.


How is it not fair to compare? I buy all my sticks and don’t write them off for work expenses. I lost count too (admittedly).

I’m at 390+ for sure.


It’s not the money, it’s that you’ve got access that us plebes don’t have. I’ve been looking for a reasonable HSS-0130 FOREVER. I’m sure you’ve got one.


It seems a bit more difficult now since it seems that, at least on the PS4, the security chip is actually a radio that authenticates wirelessly with the console.


Did you get dedicated storage yet? It’s got to be getting pretty crazy.