Dual Modding Services at EVO


hate to post a new thread about this, but i wasnt too sure where to ask

anyways, im sure their WILL be modders there, but i was wondering who, where, when, and how much would you be roughly charging.

in my particular case, i would be wanting to dual mod the new Hori Fighting Edge, and i was wondering if in this particular case, people would have experience doing so with this stick. my only concern is the touch panel. anyways, i should be in vegas from the 4th and was wondering if anyone would be there early enough to do this for me (if not, i’ll just bring my current dual modded stick)

any advice and help is appreciated, thanks in advance


Hi MiikeyBoii. I don’t know if you’ve found an answer yet. But you may want to post your question over in the Tech Talk (http://shoryuken.com/forum/index.php?forums/tech-talk.6) or Trading Outlet (http://shoryuken.com/forum/index.php?forums/trading-outlet.341/) forums. A lot of the pro/semipro modders seem to hang out and advertise over there. Good luck!


I know I’ve already answered your PM about this, but I’d like to let the word out that there will be modders inside the venue providing their modding services.

JDM, Kuyo_Joe, Vicko, and myself will be modding during the event. Dual mods will be $80.


How much to help with a specific problem I may have with a dual mod stick? I had my TE stick dual modded but when playing on xbox, my trigger buttons go out randomly. This sucks when playing casuals or tournaments on xbox format. Any advice?


I’m assuming its a 360 TE? Its an issue with the 360 pcb from the TE line before the TE-S. Pretty much either get a replacement 360 pcb for it or just swap RT with LB.


Ill be there to get my stick modded! Thanks for the info Gummo!!


Gummo how much and how long would an art swap take you. I have the art and plexi already. I have a qanba i want modded but don’t trust myself not to break it with evo so close and that being the stick ill need to play.


You just need the art/plexi put on right? no dual mods? $10 and should only take about 10 minutes.


yup was just putting them on for me. If my friend doesn’t have time to do it before I head to evo ill try and find ya.


I was wondering will you be able to do a art swap for me aswell gummo for my hori real arcade pro 3 stick, the plexi glass i ordered a week ago still hasn’t come in, and with evo literarly around the corner.


I can only do it if you have the artwork and plexi.


Will you guys be able to dual-mod pads (specifically my friend’s Afterglow pad for the Xbox 360) and if so, at what price? Sorry to sound scrubby if dual-modding a 3rd party pad is impossible or something, I know literally nothing about stick/pad modding. :<


^Same. I’m looking for a service like that (heard of the ps360 mod but that takes too much effort on my part)


I wouldn’t be able to do it at the tournament, it would have to be done at home because of the time required to do the mod. On the ps3 side though the analog sticks won’t be functional.



—I just got my fixtures in the mail today (said next week but I guess I got lucky). I have 1 more fixture that turns your ps3 pad into a 360 pad (its an attachment, no mods)


And to make sure, that’s all parts and everything? I just need the original stick?


Where would we take our sticks for dual modding?