Dual modding the newer Mayflash sticks?


Hey guys. So I picked up a newer mayflash for about $30. It was a steal to me so I got it. I knew I was just going to mod it anyways. I wanted to dual mod it but I’ve read somewhere that the newer mayflash sticks are no longer common ground?

I was wondering if there’s a way to dual mod even if it’s not a common ground pcb and how I would go about dual modding with a dpdt switch? Basically I’m asking to see a dual modding tutorial ( mayflash preferably but I’m sure I could get the idea from a different tutorial ).

Thanks for any POSITIVE contributions.


If there is a way to dual mod non common ground pads, I have not seen it.

Your best bet for a dual mod would be a Cthulhu and a MadCatz 4716 pad. You can find both at gamingnow.net, but I got my MadCatz pad from the local Gamestop for $25, and I didn’t have to wait for shipping.
Use this guide to get your MadCatz pad working.

From there, you have a few options for connecting the two PCBs together.
This guide lays it out for you.

I haven’t personally worked on a Mayflash stick, though my experience with others would say that the only other snag I could think of would be in terms of the four buttons at the top of the box. Generally since you can’t just replace them with some good Sanwa’s or Seimitsu’s due to size constraints, it’s just recommended that you disconnect the small PCB under them from the PCB that connects to the 8 face buttons, and from there it’s up to you on how to connect them to the Cthulhu or MadCatz. Some guides show people soldering directly onto the contact points, but that often causes the buttons to become stiffer due to the added wire. Personally I find it much easier to solder onto one of the traces instead, but that might end up being more difficult depending on the manufacturer.

Sorry I can’t provide instructions specific to the Mayflash stick. Hopefully they haven’t changed too much of the design to make these instructions useless.



Toodles also sells 360^2 Helper, which will convert your directionals into common ground, if I’m not mistaken.


That only solves the issue of using a single non-common ground PCB with a joystick that expects common ground. You can accomplish the same thing by hacking away at the PCB embedded in the joystick.

The issue at hand is whether you can perform a dual mod using a non-common ground PCB, which so far has been unheard of. Of course, we can always hope that the Mayflash in the OP’s possession is actually common ground, in which case there is no problem.


It’s very easy to do.

The 2009 Mayflash PCB uses VCC for all buttons and directions except UP and LEFT that use ground. You wire ground to the input of an inverter (74HC04 or similar) and the output to the points where VCC was supposed to go.


Thanks for the replies guys. I was going to try to use the mayflash pcb to save me the money from buying a cthulhu board. But if that’s my only solution to dual modding then I guess i can spend out the extra cash. The links and responses really helped guys thanks.


Have you checked the pcb in the stick for a date or checked the button layout to see if you have a c.g. pcb?


What date/button layout would it say if it was common ground or not?