Dual Modding Vs Converters Vs New Fightstick


Hello there Im pretty much a noob when it come to tech.I have a Madcats Fightstick TE2+ i was planning on getting it dual modded for Xbox One at Evo but my friend told me not get it modded because it could mess up the inputs with delays and its not cheap $140.Then I was thinking I could get a converter which is way cheaper brooks coverter is around $43 but then I was told that could mess up the Fightstick as well and I have stay update on firmware updates.He suggest that I should just buy Xbox stick.So i wantd to get some more opinions what should I do.What are the Pros and Cons of Modding and Converters.


Who the hell is this friend?
With friends like that, you don’t need any enemies, for sure!

#1: Brook super converters can NOT and do NOT mess up fightsticks. PERIOD. Yes it would probably need updates if a firmware update somehow breaks Xbox one custom controllers, but I haven’t heard about draconian controller support issues on Xbox like like you have on PS4. Buying a PS4 to XBOne Brook converter would not do anything to mess up PS4…you would simply take out the converter and use like always.

#2: If you’re going to mod for Xbox One, your best PCB mod bet is to just get a Brook Universal Fighting board and the upcoming EZMod for TE2+ so that you can hook up the front panel connectors to the UFB. Yes, that board would need firmware updates if future updates stop custom controllers from working, but the last 3.55 PS4 firmware did not require updates.

If all you want is to just use the stick on an Xbox One somewhere, your cheapest bet is to just get the PS4 to XBOne Brook super converter. Cheaper, works, and you don’t have to even open the stick up or anything. Just plug and go (update to latest firmware first of course).


Can’t speak for the multiconsole PCBs, but the brook converters are great and the firmware updates for them are super easy. Best reason to get another stick over the cheaper options would be you want another stick IMO


Thaanks for your input.I think my friend have had alot of bad experices. But yea I was looking at Brook Universal Fighting board and the EZMod