Dual Modding

I have a Madcatz Fightstick Pro for 360 and I am considering buying a PS3. I was wondering if it was expensive or hard to dual mod it. I’m also wondering if there is a legit place that I could send it and dual mod it for me if I didn’t want to tear it apart myself and wire it.


It is quite easy to dual mod 360 for ps3. There are quite a few ways to go about it and if you don’t want to do so, there are plenty of reputable modders that can do it for you.

I prefer to use the Cerberus (cut down to its smallest size) for a nice clean install.

Where can I find reputable modders?

Is there any lag when you use mods like Cerberus?

None that you should be concerned about.

What does that mean? Does it have lag that will effect game play? Will it effect 1 frame links in SF4?


There is lag in everything but none that you will ever notice.