Dual Mode or Dual Mod?

I was looking for a exact definition for Dual Mod on Google and I didn’t find anything ( http://t.co/hRXeGjWv ) until I came across the Definition of Dual Mode and it’s Examples http://t.co/OPKTDVUV . Who started with the Dual Mod definition on FGC? It’s Mod a abbreviation of a already short term Mode?

Edit: Mod it’s a abbreviation of Modification or Modify.

I think it’s just shortening for “modification”.

Probably comes from the abbreviation of “modification,” shortened to mod. Hence, Dual Mod could be used as a noun, to describe a stick with both modes of operation. So, Dual Mode would be an okay term to use as a noun.

However, it’s also reinforced by the fact that “mod” can be an abbreviation of “modify,” making Dual Mod also a verb, to describe the process of adding a second system of compatibility to a stick. It’s very apparent it can be used as a verb in the term “Dual Modding,” short for “Dual System Modifying,” which would make more sense than “Dual Modeing”. Modeing or moding isn’t even a word. Sure, modding is slang, and not “technically” a word, but it’s roots are just as an abbreviation, and it is pretty well-accepted as a term.

I thought about that too. So Why they said that Eightarc Fusion it’s Dual Mod? Isn’t the PCB Factory Made? Wouldn’t be correct to say Multi-Console Compatible? http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2011/nov/09/eightarc-fusion-and-ps3-onyx-review-eventhubs/

Lol. I feel like I’m in elementary English class all over again.

That does explain a lot. thanks.I new it was a slang for the moment my iPhone was trying to correct it.lol But wasn’t until today that I found out that if you search on Google it’s only related to the FGC stuff. But it’s not right to say that a Factory Made Multi-Console PCB it’s Dual Mod,correct?

Had a discussion with some TT people on G+ about this. We pretty much all agree that if the stick comes with a multiconsole PCB you can’t call it dual-modded because nothing was modified.
If the stick comes with one thing and you modify it to use more consoles you can call it a dual mod.

But people can say what they want… just like calling LED backlit TVs, “LED TVs” its still an LCD jackasses.
I have a few pet peeves with technology nomenclature.

That’s actually an interesting point. I’ve always gotten used to the slang of Dual Mod to be acceptable for any stick that plays on PS3 and 360, but that’d be quite true that sticks such as the Qanba sticks aren’t technically “modded” in any way. But take their PCB out of it and then put it in a TE? Dual Modded TE! Heh.

Dual-Mod refers to the ver “Dual Modding” - that is to modify a stick to work on 2 (or more) consoles.

For stock sticks, the term is Multi-console or dual-console.

It’s EventHubs, that’s the problem right there.

That’s what I thought. I knew that this Dual Mod thing was getting out of hand lol. Let’s not forget the Paewang Pcb and PS360+ are Multi-Console as well. http://www.focusattack.com/paewang/

Technically… isn’t a Qanba 4 RAF / Eightarc Fusion a dual modded arcade stick? From what I remember it contains two separate pcb’s which have been soldered together, unlike a Datel ArcadePro stick which has everything on just one pcb.

The other PCB it’s Select/Turbo/Toggle… Control.



You sure we’re taking about the same stick?

Qanba 4 RAF here. The motherboard has 2 pcb’s:


Yeah. That might be a old Batch or They have more then 1 kinda of Pcb. This’s from my Red Q4. That picture that you posted it’s from one of the First Q4 Batch, you can see that they were using a Chinese 24mm White Button for the Start Button,now they use Sanwa.



There are about 100 different models of the Q4 RAF (I can think of at least 7 varieties) so that is believable.

So some Q4 RAF’s are dual modded, and some aren’t :rofl:

haha didnt we have a discussion abour this terminology somewhere? Modders getting annoyed because customers were not wanting “dual mods” because they thought it wouldnt work on PC… which is totally false but to the uninformed it sounds right… and the advertisement that a quanba was TRI modded or something like that… which functions the same as a modders “dual mod”

you probably wont find the defenition anywhere because its a slang term used in the FC between us modders…
modders should start using the term MULTI-MOD but it just doesnt sound right…

Multi-Mod MM doesn’t sound bad. Another thing talking about Modders. Nobody took the time to specify that as well. A person that swap buttons and JLF can be consider as a Modder as well.We would have to go a little deep into Basic/Intermediary/Advance Modder. Specially for the new comers it can be quite confusing.Since some Modders can do certain things that others can’t and Vice-Versa.

A dual mod is when two controller PCBs are connected so that they share a circuit. Dual for the dual PCBs.

A stock joystick that works on multiple consoles might be dual-mode or tri-mode or quad-mode, but it is not dual-modded unless you connect a 2nd PCB! In stock condition it is not “modded” at all.

I had a really long Post typed up before anyone else answered.
But then the Browser has to closed.

But it is what TriXWoN and d3v is saying.

Nerrage, I can’t believe you actually felt that way before.
Joytron Paewang Revolution a Dual Mod stock?
Fuck that Dick.

That is Dual Console out the box.
Not Dual Mod.

I’m very happy to read that TriXWoN and d3v is same thinks as I.
And also the same to gahrling and RoboKrikit for thinks.
I did not know they were that much coolness.

It gets weird with the Qanba and Eightarc.
Since a Dual Mod is when two PCB are together.

I never like it when PS360 was called Tri-Mod.
What is mod about it?

And what is Tri?
I feel that PC does not count.
Because usually PS3 and Xbox 360 already work PC.

PC is just piggybacking on PS3 or 360, it does not count in Tech Talk speak, only Marketing speak.

For the Qanba and Eightarc, it’s fair to say it is dual PCB, but not dual modded. The PCBs were both designed to connect to each other. There is no hack.

Edit: Wait, is there any controller->host logic on that other Qanba PCB? If not it is just a daughterboard.