Dual-mods and the 360 Home Button

Hey tech thread,

I got my stick dual-modded at EVO by a member of this community (Madcatz SE 360 modded for PS3 functionality). It works perfectly except for the fact that the 360 Home button has stopped working. This makes it impossible for me to send/receive messages, invites, etc.

I’m not quite certain what board was used for the mod. As it stands, I have to hold down one of the letter-buttons on my stick while turning on my Xbox in order for it to work with that system – by default it’s now a PS3 stick. I hope that helps identify how the stick was modded.

Any ideas on how I can get my home button to work? I messaged the modder himself, but so far no response.


Sounds like it may have been a Cthulhu+Imp mod. Try pressing the Start+Back buttons together and see if that gets you the home menu. Otherwise, something may have been miswired. Do you have any way to get a pic of the inside of the stick?

Lock switch?

Sounds Like Cthulhu+Imp mod. Do you know the handle of who did it? Or a name? I thought Gum and the lot of TeamTechTalk were using Dualstrike, but it could be possible you got something else. I dunno how you lost Home button functionality, but I’d check your lock, try start+back.

Haha yeah, check this too.

Thank you for the replies!

Yeah, the mod was done by one of the TeamTechTalk folks.

I did try start+back, and I definitely fiddled with the lock switch – neither of those did the trick, unfortunately.

I’ll try and get a picture up ASAP. Any other advice/suggestions would be appreciated in the meantime!


As it turns out my stick was in fact dual-modded using Dual Strike. The modder told me that: “With the Dual Strike dual mod, the guide/home functionality is unavailable. You would have to access the guide button on the home screen of the xbox.”

Still, anyone in here have a workaround? I feel like it’s kinda ridiculous to not have a home button.

Its using the Dual Strike SMD board. I think I know who was the one who modded it, but you can pm me and I’ll help you out. Does the guide button still work when playing on 360?

I modded it, and the guide button was soldered onto the home button. :X
I dunno why there’s no functionality to it.

With all respect homie, that’s alllllot different than what you told me via PM: “With the Dual Strike dual mod, the guide/home functionality is unavailable. You would have to access the guide button on the home screen of the xbox.”

In one breath you’re saying I’m not supposed to have a Home button, because that’s how this particular dual-mod works. In another, you’re saying that I should have a Home button, and you’re not sure why it’s not working.

C’mon man.

I believe that was before he found out that there had been several firmware upgrades to the dual strike. When I first introduced him to the boards, the ps3 home functionality wasn’t implemented yet.

I understand that you’re upset about the dual mod service I’ve done, and I’ve offered a solution to your problem. It seems that your pm was very distasteful and negative towards me, meanwhile you never replied back to me for further help and assumed that I wouldn’t help you. I left a Pm on your inbox to remedy the dual mod issue.


There’s a fine line between being assertive and being distasteful, and if you think that I crossed it, I do sincerely apologize. I just felt like you weren’t all that interested in helping me get my joystick operating as it should. As such, I was (am) attempting to protect my rights as a paying customer – put yourself in my shoes and I’m sure that you can appreciate that.

Expect a PM in a minute.