Dual Modz


Hi all,

I have a few general questions about dual modding a TE Fight Stick.

  1. Which is easier/quicker to mod? XBOX 360 stick? PS3 stick?

  2. What additional hardware will I require to mod either one? (I know you can use a controller or a board, but can I use either for both sticks?)

  3. Can someone give me a quick and dirty rundown or what to wire? I don’t need a step-by-step tutorial, I’m an auto electrician, there’s much more complexity there. Just tell me please what to wire together. (i.e. What do I wire the buttons and stick to?)

  1. The 360 and ps3 sticks are structurally identical. If you are talking about electronics, I believe the 360 would be easier, since you can get a ChImp, which would be less soldering.

  2. Aside from the pcbs, mostly just wiring and solder.

  3. The process will vary depending on what pcb you go with.

If you go the chimp route, there are a set of holes along the top of that pcb. All connections from the xbox 360 pcb (jab, strong, fierce, start, guide, etc) all have a corresponding hole to run the cable to. At the end of the whole process, each button and connection on the stick should run to both pcbs. The chimp will decide which pcb to use depending on what you plug it into. The usb cable will only run to the chimp.


This thread should have all the resources you’ll ever need. I’m not sure how you missed that sticky. There wasn’t much complexity in that :arazz:

What you’re probably looking for is this:
2 thirds into that page are photos of various PCBs with solder points and whatnot. Slagcoin has alot of useful information. You’ll just need to skip through a few of the construction steps.

I hope that helped. gl hf with modding :wgrin:



So this is how it goes right?

I have already purchased an xbox 360 TE fightstick.
I now buy a custom PCB such as the chimp.
I solder wiring from the fightstick PCB and feed it into the chimp into whatever holes I like.
I solder wire from the chimp to the corresponding solder points on a PlayStation PCB, such as a PS 1 controller.
USB cord needs to be rewired to a dual pole dual throw switch.
Plug it in and GO???


the only wire you NEED to solder are the USB cables and the one to HOME/GUIDE. you can do it solderlessly (which is the method i did for a friend, and it turned out a lot cleaner).
you don’t need a DPDT switch if you purchase a CHIMP. it’s auto detect.