Dual PCB: 360 Madcatz with DS2 PS2. HELP!

Hello all! First post here so let me briefly introduce myself: I have been playing fighting games for 15 years. My favorite is Virtua Fighter. The best pad ever is the Sega Saturn FIRST controller version. Wishlist Capcom vs SNK 3, SNK vs. Capcom 2 and Match of the Millenium 2 as well as a new Darkstalkers <3.

So I have been migrating from 360 to PS3 and want to make my arcade-in-a-box arcade stick work on the PS3. I would like to make a dual pcb to play what I already have on 360 and play future titles on the PS3. I wanted to recycle an old DualShock 2 controller to use the PCB but it isnt working. The DS2 is a transparent SCPH-10010 which is beign converted to USB with a RadioShack converter. It works flawlessly on PS3/PC.

Win 7 recognize the pad as a USB Joystick with XY Axis = L analog, ZZ Axis/Rotation R analog, point of view hat = dpad, plus all the buttons = 1 to 12.

I soldered the cables to the ribbon socket instead of the plastic where the buttons actually make contact to avoid clutter. The I followed the order but it doesnt seem to work. When shorting I just get analog, Select and start to work :confused: All the rest is dead. Any ideas or suggestions are highly welcome. Thanks for looking!!



The flexible membrane has Resistors that are needed for the controls to work correctly.

In your image of the membrane, the part with the question marks is your resistor.
But I suggest using a new resistor for your controller.

Thx for your quick replies!

Yes putting back the membrane had it going. Which resistor do you recommend?

Now it shows buttons 1 thru 8 like they are being held when nothing is making contact. Shorting resistor + upper row GND would turn them off but testing other buttons wouldnt work… wut a tough nut

Just adding to this in case someone needs this later.

User ‘CodeThief’ tried this very same mod back in 2008. Althou he said he was sucessfull I can quite understand what he did to succeed.

Another thread with CodeThief about the same issue

Here are all the DS2 versions. Mine is described ''Playstation 2 Dual Shock A (Late Version; Recommended)'

my PCB

Day 2: All the threads that can possibly help here either 404 or missing pics. After fidling with it for the past 4 hours, the dual grounds thing that has button 1 thru 8 lighten up has me dumbfounded. Also it is registering dual pressing from pad and buttons (ie down+a, up+x, etc) Tried contacting all the OPs of such posts but Im not expecting a reply, let alone they remember the layout. Damn Microsoft for them making that stupid security encryption on their junk. A guide for this DS2 padhack would be god-send.

This is a pic of how the controller looks with the Madcatz pad hack for 360. In there is where I want to put the Dual Shock 2 PCB. I got the idea from this cheapassgamer post: http://www.cheapassgamer.com/forums/blog.php?b=6985

I have a couple more questions, I have it connected to the PC and testing with Joystick properties:

  1. First basic, a button + ground = a press right?
  2. How the resistor must the wired? Or should I just eliminate it from the diagram? Shorting it with GRD will have all buttons pressed.
  3. this has dual GNDs. DO I need to jumper dual GNDs toguether?
  4. If there a more reliable program to test this on the PC? Default win properties have the axes and the point of view thing which makes it even more confusing. Im using a RadioShack dongle which works with zero lag.

Thanks for your time.

A pic of the innards of my arcade in a box stick:


The PlayStation 2 Controller PCB is not Common Ground.
And it is not Dual Ground, but have respective Commons for their Signals.

You cannot Dual Mod when both PCB are not Common Ground.

The ps2 controllers aren’t common ground so you can’t use them in a dual mod like usual.

Edit: jdm beat me to it. Odd that he didn’t mention that info earlier when he had posted.

Yes. It would have saved me a lot of frustration… Oh well, a PS2 controller goes to heaven and I learned quite a bit. :slight_smile:

Im considering getting a Chimp. Is this Madcatz controller common grounded? Can this setup work as I intend? Any tutorials to achieve this? Thanks for the replies…

I like to waste people’s time.
They learn more.

Actually, I did not know he was Dual Mod.
I did not read the Thread Title or the First Post.
I just looked at the picture that was posted and answered.

Common Ground, the Mad Catz, yes.
Dual Mod with a ChImp SMD, you can.

There is not Tutorial for ChImp SMD with Mad Catz Xbox 360 Controller specifically.

And there I was trying to play the polite noob lol

Still thx for the info. I appreciate it. I’ll check which retailer have the Chimp in stock.